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    Wow, best ps3 news ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopshock View Post
    From Mathieulh Twitter:
    I just checked the lv2 "dump" from demonhades, that stuff is far from complete, they used a linux kernel which overwrote over most of it
    What does that mean?
    @cmdshft meaning this ps3 lv2 dump is garbage, it can't be used for reversing.
    It means Mathieulh is jealous because he was spoonfed by GeoHot on how to dump lv2, and now others are getting close so this is his last chance to brag by calling the JaicraB/DemonHades LV2 dump incomplete.

    While it may be true, it won't be long before they or someone else redump LV2 anyway... like GeoHot, Mathieulh won't help the PS3 scene by sharing his or even detailing to do it when he didn't figure it out on his own in the first place (ironic, eh?).

    Mathieulh is getting scared, and fast. Once others get a good dump in their hands for six weeks like GeoHot and Mathieulh have had good progress will follow... and no, I don't mean useless pics of RCO edits hehe.

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    ... smh @ people thinking its a race .... whatever happens, happens. if all goes well, its all coming to an end anyway

    pfft.. i'm in a horrible mood .. - i have a slim

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    I just popped it on Rapidshare if that helps anyone.

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    very good news... The ps3 will be hacked in weeks, I am sure.... Everything can be hacked!!!

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    best news i heard

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    So... Lvl2 dump should be helpful for slim owners, too, right?

    I mean... It's "only" about finding a whole and getting the keys, no?

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    great going guys.... And @mathieulh even though the dump may not be complete they still managed to do something "ON THEIR OWN"... And this dump can be definitely improved if at all there's some problem. And i think that's more important.... You should be more of a helping hand rather than criticizing their work... I think we would be getting lots of updates now about the various vulnerabilities...

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    i don't think they care about the keys, we don't need them to reach our goal.

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    well well well look who's talking oohh its Mathieulh now hes calling garbage to other peoples hard work. tell me guys did you ever see any contribtion in PS3 scene from Mathieulh? at least i haven't seen any till yet. Mathieulh is surely jealous with JaicraB and DemonHades bcz they have successfully dumped the lvl2 and leave this point if they didn't dump it cleanly or completely but at least they have shared it with public/scene which Mathieulh have failed to do.

    BTW didn't he was calling GeoHot a liar in first place when he said he have dumped the hypervisor and after then he started to be friendly with him and now hes acting GeoHot's team member.


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