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    Great news indeed and good luck with the dumping all involved and hopefully some good news in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raze1988 View Post
    Now that CJPC will soon have his own dump to study (oh wow, ambiguous), I'm thinking about how far the other sceners are?

    Maybe they found something useful already but won't tell anyone?
    That is exactly why we are doing this, as originally we weren't planning on it since CJPC actually has a few other interesting projects he's working on.

    It appears unless we do it and share the dumps, those who don't have the money to spend on hardware will be stuck waiting (Devs included)... and as you mentioned, the few people who did get GeoHot's HV dumps aren't sharing their findings or reversals meaning it will take all the longer to fully hack the PS3.

    We'd rather get the dumps out and let thousands of potential people examine them- who knows, someone around the world may find something the "select group" who has them now simply overlooked.

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    this is good for everyone i just cant wait to see all the good stuff that will come for this now that the dumps will be for everyone to use and study instead of a select few.

    Rock On Guys

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    Good news...

    Happy exploring CJPC.. hope you find your "Tutankhamun"

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    Just the perfect news to go alongside me being out of school tomorrow due to snow.

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    Thumbs Up Great work

    CJPC you are the MANNN... i hope you'll soon get the HV dumps.

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    dude ABOVE ME do you live in new jersey and sorry to make you waste breath boss was just kidding and hopefully we get somewhere.

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    Good Luck to you guys, hope we can see some really good progress now.

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    awww yeaa!

    good work guys can't wait to see what you find!

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    excellent news! i can't wait to learn more about programming (besides defining classes, using pointers and arrays) to help with stuff like this in the future. by the way, what language does the cell interpret? c? c++?

    i know that sony, ibm, and toshiba had to implement an assembly language for the new architecture. just wondering if it can use a higher level language also. i'm sure they didn't write the ps3 os in pure assembly, or did they?


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