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    Feb 2007
    FTP is fine but i would prefer an smb client

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    Jul 2009
    Transferring a backup of Naruto Ultimate Ninja STORM via blackbox FTP and ran into a bug.

    It had problems with .xfbin files. It would appear that the files were transferring successfully, but after transferring the same backup, with "overwrite on different filesize" selected, the same group of files would be transferred over again. The game also said my HDD data install was corrupted. I went back to CJPC's FTP server to transfer the bad files again, and it worked fine.

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    Thanks CJPC for a awesome ftp tool, and thanks for getting the ball rolling. Without you I would have never been able to copy my 60GB HDD to a NEW BIGGER 640GB HDD

    I know you can read ip address from the Network settings. However it was so nice to be able to just see it when you are in the ftp

    Thanks Again.

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    Sep 2010
    Nice to see an alternative but the first release works fine for me.

    i get 15mbs so fast enought for me and easy to use.

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    Stable? The other FTP server never crashed for me and this one locks up after you transfer.

    I have to reset the server every time I send something to the PC.

    Still buggy.

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    Jan 2010
    Yeah, nice. A (hopefully) great tool for the weekend to try.

    I should test out the new version here, if it failed, have to go back to V 1.0.

    By the way, thanks of course for all the people to make it possible - this is might be the most important program which is ever coded for the PS3.

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    You still can't rename files on the ps3.

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    previous one was great and worked perfectly for me!

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    Be very careful with burn ins with this. I have never noticed any burn-ins on my lcd tv before, but after leaving this running for about 40minutes, I can clearly read the "Blackbox" on my xmb. It is still there and it has been about 20minutes now. As its an LCD if I turn it off for a while i am sure it will go - but for the plasma users out there - TURN OFF YOUR TVS WHILE THIS IS RUNNING.

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    Yeah - the GUI (and I use this term VERY losely) is quite infantil ...

    Good product (be it software or anything else) promote itself by it's quality and not by it's or producer's / manufacturer's name all over it


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