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    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 Patch Update is Now Released

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    Today is a great day indeed for PlayStation 3 scene developers, and following up on the PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.70 Update from last month now comes the PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 patch update courtesy of ConsoleDev!

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] (10.93 MB)

    Similar to the [Register or Login to view links] from the recently released PS3 3.72 (Retail) Firmware, it appears Sony is now offering compressed patch updates for PS3 Debug / Test console users.

    As always, it's important to note that these PS3 Debug / TEST updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only unless you own a Dev unit.

    For those curious, running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

    PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 3.72 Patch Update is Now Released

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    how come the debug patch/update 3.72 is only 10mb after being compressed? Shouldn't the patch update be named PS3PATCH.PUP instead of PS3UPDAT.PUP? Sounds weird.

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    I wonder if mixing of this will produce anything... Hmm...

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    3.72 mixing the firmware

    As I started getting an idea, I tried mixing in a little of the file between the 3.72 debug PATCH and the 3.72 OFW update (the full PUP). Now I found out that the patch has two more files that the actual update. File 10, and File 11. As I looked I came to conclusion that the vsh was within File 11.

    Here's the mix I made:

    File_5 (OFW)
    File_6 (OFW)
    File_7 (OFW)
    File_8 (OFW)
    File_9 (OFW)
    File_10 (Debug FW)
    File_11 (Debug FW)
    PUPHeader.bin (OFW)
    SDK_Version.bin (OFW)
    updater.self (OFW)

    Now the things that bother me are, are that File_9 and File_11 are the same size, and the updater and PUPHeader.

    I honestly don't know if there's any point in this, but i'm curious.

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    It is only 10 mb compressed, but if I uncompress it becomes 175.631 kb. Is it normal?

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    Not normal up to now for them, but it's padded basically.

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    It is padded with 00 values, only first 10 mb are real values, the rest of the 175 mb is empty. Is it a update patch for 3.70 or is it corrupt?

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    Unfortunately I do not own a PS3 Debug/Test Unit, for this reason cannot test these updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
    Is it a update patch for 3.70 or is it corrupt?
    It looks like we may have to wait and see if/when someone posts a complete PS3 3.72 Debug update... At first I was thinking patch update as well, but PS3 hacker eussNL states it isn't proper so perhaps corrupt indeed:

    Not proper (unpacking dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2011_09_14_050233 error):
    • unpacking update_files.tar (00000000_0a064000 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
    • unpacking spkg_hdr.tar (00000000_00011800 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...
    • unpacking ps3swu2.self (00000000_00565760 bytes; hmac: FAIL)...

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Very interesting post Boss. It seems the CED Firmware provider fails, or Sony include something special here, to prevent that it got shared such easy.

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