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    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    How to check if our PS3 that we using are DEX OR CEX ??
    it's really simple, it is very notable that you can see it through PS3's XMB with the IP address watermarked on lower right corner of the screen, retail console shouldn't have that.

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    yes, you can play TT2 directly from hdd0 on DEX 4.21. Here's I direct boot pkg.

    [Register or Login to view links]

    Delete the TT2 game data that you installed.
    Install this pkg.
    Use FTP or a file manager and copy everything from your USDIR minus the eboot to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01702 on your ps3.

    I'm not sure if I included the Trophy directory so if it's not there copy your trophy directory to the BLES01802 folder.
    Launch the game from XMB and enjoy on DEX 4.21
    Jump out and play some Resident EVIL 6, Spec Ops, DOA or any other 4.21 game with a patch.
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    NBA 2K13 BLUS31028 DEX Fix by Nicolas19: [Register or Login to view links]

    More PS3 DEX Fixes from Nicolas19 (CTRL+F for his name):


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    Nice good job

    FIFA 13

    [Register or Login to view links]

    DEX 4.21 FIX

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    Just yesterday played some DEX games, but I had to downgrade on 3.55 DEX to put an .edat file for Double Dragon Neon on coressponding folder.

    I tried Rogero V2 and V3 Exeedy but still have the same problem: multiman file manager does not allow me to go to hdd0/home folder. Also all backups icons look corrupted (but games plays fine). Its almost like I have resstrictions in file system.

    Any ideas?

    PS Is it possible to store on system drive two firmwares 3.55 dex and 4.21 dex to do a quick swap via System Update if I wanna play different games? Which of the 3.55s is the best choice?
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    try blackb0x FTP, and if you have a e3 flasher you can dual boot from dex 3.55 to dex 4.21

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    Hi Community,

    Before i convert my slim into a DEX console i was wondering if i could get a few questions answered by the community. I know that everyone says that you cant play DVD/Bluray movies on a console that has been converted to DEX but...

    1) But is it possible to remarry the drive with the wiki method on 3.55 DEX then update the system to 4.21 DEX? Retaining the full functionality of the Dvd Drive

    2) Will games burnt with PS3GEN read on DEX consoles or can you only use bdemu?

    Sorry for the dumb questions


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    send me your .edat of Double Dragon Neon

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    1) Yes, you can store (i think up to 10) FWs on int-hdd. Quick swap within minutes between different DEX-FWs

    Either: tickle on the save2disc-box while updating from USB (recommend)

    Or: Put the 1st.PUP in dev_hdd0/updater/01 the 2nd in dev_hdd0/updater/02, etc. (not recommend)

    After that you can rename the files: i.e. from dev_hdd0/updater/01/PS3UPDAT.PUP to dev_hdd0/updater/01/DEX-CFW-RogeroV2

    Yes, you can name it without the .PUP at the end Then You can just update from int-hdd, mine looks like:

    4.21 DEX-OFW (*)
    4.20 DEX-OFW
    4.11 DEX-OFW
    3.55 DEX-Downgrader
    3.55 DEX-CFW-RogeroV2 (*)
    3.55 DEX-CFW-Exeedy
    3.55 DEX-CFW-itsKamel

    I only use the two with (*), the others were for testing purposes, & itsKamel didnt work well for me (YLOD on NAND-Console, but i got it fixed)

    2) I got the same Problem. Be sure you got the right FW (RogeroV2-DEX-3.55) & the right MM-ver. (since you got peek&poke you can use MM-CEX im still on 4.05.03 i think)

    I know you got your answer, but in case someone else could use this info


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    is this the only problem with dex consoles? not being able to watch movies? somebody help with some answers. thx

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