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    Contributor acelove's Avatar
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    Yea i'm in the same boat too, unable to run fix permissions.. also I can install a pkg game, but can't run it - so presume its due to the fix permissions.. Some said to install Geohots over the top, but I'm a bit wary of that lol.

    other than that, everything else works flawlessly - just don't fancy losing everything else

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    Banned User
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    Well i have just found out that no games run either, tired gaia 2.04, and latest multiman, just get a black screen?

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    Contributor money15's Avatar
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    me too i can get fix permissions and multiman to run... but i get error with awesome file manager, blackbox, doom 3....but then some other pkgs work ps3 fsn emulator, multiman, and fix permissions... i don't understand the error i get is 80029519.

  4. #394
    have you tried patching geohots addon and trying to load?

  5. #395
    How do you mean? installing Geothot over Kmeaw?

  6. #396
    yup... some reports..that this works and still keeps the peek and poke, but at the same time allows more apps.

  7. #397
    hmmm, don't want it screw up what ive already got working lol.

    It's just one pkg that installs but i get error 80029519 when i try to load it.

  8. #398
    80029519 ERROR, i just sussed, i was still using the old versions, download the signed versions, im all up and running now, just happen to have 2 games that blackscreen, just incompatable ones at present.

    Otherwise, all good!

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    Tried it, still doesn't work - must be the signing..

    It's just a game called Stardust HD from a site, not sure if it can be signed for 3.55

  10. #400
    I'm pretty sure that error 80029519 means your eboot isn't signed for 3.55. The firmware allows signed/unsigned PACKAGES to install but the eboot for homebrew still needs to be signed for 3.55.

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