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    Senior Member Brenza's Avatar
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    Great news, thanks a lot guys!

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    Contributor meli's Avatar
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    can i install OFW 3.55 after using any CFW? i want install CFW only for offline tests.

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    Contributor wandiana's Avatar
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    what's the different between BM Enabler LV2 Version 1 PKG and Version 2?

    it's an update? already installed ver 1.. then need to update ver 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    well, finally decided to do it... all is good, and multiMan themes install fine so there's no need for any signing...

    feels weird not playing with my dongle... LOL
    So you got yours to run "unsigned" pkgs? What install method did you use? Recovery or XMB?

    And i'm assuming you went from 3.41 to 3.55OFW and then to Kmeaw?

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    well after doing a LOT of reading i am going to take the dive and update to 3.55 and install the CFW " I have a old 60gig PS3"
    (I feel sad that i am losing my 3.41)

    I really want to play black Ops again online BUT... what's going to happen once 3.60 comes out?

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    most likely wait for a 3.60 patch rinse and repeat... provided a ban wave doesn't hit before then.

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    why install package came only after the patch installation by Geohot? and App / Game does not? I just OFW CFW Kmeaw Geohot CFW. Install package was finally there. But APP / GAME missing somehow. backups do work.

    sry for my bad english.

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    Install latest patch (retail - 1.05) for the version BLES01031. It worked for me!

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    Good chance something like what Barry said might unfold, we have great people in the PS3 Scene now, so who knows..

    I still wouldn't risk going online with this, but to each their own. I'm just happy I don't have to use my Ti-84 calculator every single time I boot.

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    Hey there, how many confirmations do we have? I am still on the waninkokos CFW, from GeoHot, how ever I would like to know the qualities and more details on risk, such as Wkoko's CFW.

    I have done my Waninkokos CFW from my CECH-2101A worked great just renamed the patched .pup and installed.

    So if it can help unless I missed the answer thanks.

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