PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released! - Page 11
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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    The including eboot is signed diff. Just use a mfw/cfw for dex with a patched nas_plugin to allow retail pkg to be installed or use psn_package_npdrm to do a psn pkg and install it.

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    Member Gunner54's Avatar
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    Link to the Kernel you used and how you replaced the old one.

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    Member sguerrini97's Avatar
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    Just change the DEX nas_plugin.sprx with the CEX one or it needs something more?

    Edit: can I patch the file with this: ?

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    please can you write a guide how to make cex to dex... thanks in advance

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    psn_package_npdrm works, i've installed the retail update of Uncharted 1 and it works from BD EMU now. But why we need a patch for boot games with BD EMU when originals (BD-DRIVE) boot fine without any game data? And it's possible to create a fake update for games that haven't any update?

    Update: I'm on 4.11 DEX and I can install retail game updates pkg (made with psn_package_mpdrm), and i was able to run inFAMOUS 2 with the lastest patch (3.60+) from BD-EMU.
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    Cool! Have you tried other 3.60+ games/updates?

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    Hi, sguerrini97. Thank you for your Reply. But I have two "metldrpwn" questions now.

    Does "metldrpwn" must run via "CFWOtherOS++ with SS patch" PS3 Linux?
    Does "metldrpwn" output a BIN File or a TXT File?

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    Animus777: Call of Duty: Black Ops with the lastest patch (1.13).

    1. yes I ran it on CFW-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL with SS Patches with Ubuntu manual install.
    2. metldrpwn generates a "dump" file and you need to open it in HEX editor, firsts 3 lines are the "eid_root_key.bin" required by c2d.exe.

    For games that haven't any update we can install them on a CEX PS3 and copy the game data folder (/dev_hdd0/game/GAMEID/), then with "psn_package_npdrm" we can make a PKG with the game data to install it on a DEX, I think that this will work.
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    Just checked and can confirm - you can't correctly repack any update with EDAT files inside. It installs but fail on loading. Tried with psn_package_npdrm, force_package_npdrm, make_package_npdrm_retail, make_package_npdrm_debug... They all fail.

    Updates with EDAT installed before converting to DEX works fine, tested on 4.10 game 'meikyuu touro legasista', which works from usb just fine.

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    How is there data left from before? I thought the installation of linux leads to the need to format the ps3?

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