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    Quote Originally Posted by Giulio19992 View Post
    People still belive on it, so i'll make it possible.
    I give you credit because at least you are trying to make something and share it. I dont know if you are a fake or if you "stole" any information and post it as yours, the thing is you came here and let everyone know something we didnt and at least for me thats more than 99% of us here have done.

    Good luck and dont worry about those people calling you a fake they are the real fakes not you.

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    hallo I have a Problem

    what can i do its says thats a problem by win xp
    i have framework 2.0 and sp2

    pls help me!!
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    It's work on 2.60?

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    Quote Originally Posted by portals View Post
    It's work on 2.60?
    Did you read anything before posting that? It's a Windows application, so PS3 Firmware is irrelevant for PS3 Backup Tool 1.0.

    Also, since the process itself never actually worked for anyone besides Giulio19992 I think it's time to close this thread now.


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