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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastapipo View Post
    I'm waiting for an online option, Hope they pull that one out soon.
    xlink kai, many people use it now.

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    Thanks, i hope that the update comes soon.

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    does anybody know how to flash these "original" PSJailbreaks, i mean those without the hole? they say to bridge the two testpoints near the usbconnector but there are no testpoints. do they mean to open it? mine is glued at the end so nogo.

    when i stick it to the pc the green and red light shines but they don't stop and windows don't recognize any new hardware.

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    I dont understand everyboddy is upset about the price of the JB device.

    I admit, its a bit an steep price given the fact sony already blocked it by another firmware update they force upon us so that we still can acces psn or have online play.

    But think about it, while it seems to be allot of money think of the many if not all the game backups you probebly havent payed for and just have downloaded (and be honest here, we all have walked the thin line here regarding this)

    Too bad the downside of all this you have to resist the adicted online play for which you have to update to 3.50 to make it work !!

    Alternatives like Xlink kai SUCKS BIG time !! Almost no player online, not a lot of games are supported etc etc....!!


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