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    Feb 2010
    I feel a bit sorry for the PSJ guys but they had it coming... Announcing the PSJ three weeks before it was actually deliverable and sending easy to clone/sniff samples all accross the world... What kind of a reaction did they expect from Sony?

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    Sob... Well I guess I'll be getting my money back from Oz then. I'd have to re-read the post, but I wonder if it's OK [well it's still illegal - though I've imported banned games and movies before] to import it.

    Oh and yes, the open source, well at least that's a good sign.

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    i hope Oz Mod aren't forced to pay for the PSJ's still just to hand it over to sony. that would be tight as.. hoping they just cancelled their orders or something instead.

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    Beware chinese knockoffs... they are chinese knockoff themselves... lol (refer. to psjb guys)
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    So freaking glad I don't live in Australia.. idiots run that country.

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    lol yeah true, i saw this coming so i ordered a teensy AGES ago.

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    As expected, the laws in this country is BS.

    Time to find a new country to live in

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    next up, Teensy et all, then what? Diodes and resisters (as used in Xbox 360 JTAG).

    FFS, although the weather is lovely over here, maybe the judge believes we should spend all our time out doors and not gaming.

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    This kinda benefits us in a a way because they could just release all the actual files needed to create the ps jail break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tex Murphy View Post
    Does really Australia really expect a chinese company to send them their psjailbreaks that were ordered by Australians?
    That was meant to be "Does Sony Australia really really expect a chinese company to send them their psjailbreaks that were ordered by Australians?"
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