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    Aug 2010
    do i have to update my ps3 to run ps jailbreak, i have linux installed on my ps3, i turned off updates.

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    Why is the box so big? lol.

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    Jun 2010
    yes you would need fw 3.41 so you would lose linux!

    But i am sure right now people are working towards using it on lower firmwares so if you could sit tight for a bit it may be possible!
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    If the PSJailbreak is run on a System with older Firmware (to keep linux) IF they make it possible, won't that stop the ability to play current games that are locked on higher firmware?

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    Yeah true, but afaik the devs are able to built a kernel that run's out of the GameOS with all privileges. Maybe there's a loooot to come in the future.

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    i have no idea actually if newer wont work or not, guess noone tried. Maybe there is no fw check or actually reading that from the orginal disc in tray when emulating boot? just sharing some thoughts no idea really, time will tell imo as its not possible yet to do lower fw hehe hanging on to the 3.15 until i get black cat or similar!
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    Really old firmware versions won't run the newest games since most new games will use libraries that are only available in the newer firmwares.

    Newer games may simply not be compatible with really old firmware.


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