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    Unless you can create code for the ps3, then this is useless to you. If you could program some code to boot iso files then you would not be here reading this now! Using this exploit, you could run code that you have written. Problem is, Sony will probably leave things as they are and wait for somebody to write some code that boots iso's.

    Soon as that happens, they will release an update deleting the inserted iso bootloader code. But maybe, hacked firwares could keep up with Sony's updates. In fact, if somebody could write some code that could update the system with hacked firmwares, maybe that could 'wedge' the door open, preventing Sony from shutting it.

    I think you can say goodbye to online play if things get this far. Hacked PS3's will probably have to be quarantined from PSN and the net.
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    Well, Actually, No code can be ran from this (yet) as no-one has managed to repeat the results of Giulio19992....

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    Specifically, what code did Giulio19992 manage to insert?

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    what's the status of the progress atm? didn't follow all posts since yesterday...

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    Did he just insert separately downloaded demo's off of PSN? Did they install correctly afterwards?

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    did any1 try it with games like tekken 5 dr from the store?

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    Is it possible that the insertion code is keyed to Giulio's PS3 backup which is keyed back to his PS3, or his PS3 hard disk?

    There may be some kind of seed for the insertion process that needs to be read from the backup file... just thinking...

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    For those who were trying to find the link for the latest video in the chatbox here it is:

    Again, this is just a project Giulio19992 is working on and the video above is the one from today... it doesn't show anything new or exciting but I will try to keep this 'English' thread up to date for those following.

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    the file in the download section isn't the same... there is a icone (exe), we only have a batch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stef1578 View Post
    the file in the download section isn't the same... there is a icone (exe), we only have a batch.
    Read the past posts before asking the same questions please... the self-unpacking .exe does the same as the batch file, the reason the .exe was removed is because those filetypes get flagged by some A/V programs.

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