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    A Peek inside a PS3 PKG file!

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    Had a little time over the weekend to play with some PS3 .PKG files.

    Here is a peek inside a PS3 Package file, see below!

    For reference, some files like executables are still encrypted even when unpacked from a .PKG file, sound files are not. PSARC files are definitely compressed and likely encrypted as well.

    A Peek inside a PS3 PKG file!

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    sorry, cjpc. but what is the program to unpack .pkg? or you unpack them individually by hands?

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    It is a program that does it automatically, it is not done manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    It is a program that does it automatically, it is not done manually.
    where can we get this program? i mention ps3unpkgr. is it homebrew (opensource) program? i assume (since it has not any extension), that it is not a sony-signed .self.

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    Just wondering, since you can upack one, why can't you pack one with different files inside? can this be done with retail pkgs? Thanks, and also any updates on the Keyvault project, i think everyone is keen to know! :-)

    AND thanks for all the hard work!

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    how to unpack pkg file? so you may unpack some "activaction pkg" ?

    (like this for lemming [Register or Login to view links])

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    He already explained this above... did you not read? It's an app used on a Debug/TEST PS3... so no, you can't do it yourself.

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    I dont want unpak some .pkg file, i ask if CJPC can unpack an activation file.

    and if know how this file is unpacked, maybe the answer can be "i don't know because TEST/DEBUG ps3 do it" ?

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    Ya, he won't be able to tell you how it's unpacked, because as you reiterated what I stated above... it is done via Debug/TEST PS3.

    Beyond that, I don't know what you're asking... if you have a file you would like CJPC to try unpacking with his Debug unit then attach it perhaps, but he is really busy and so I wouldn't expect a fast reply.

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    to see what there is into LEMMING ACTIVATION [133kb] or SUPERRUBADUB FULL ACTIVATION[100kb]. i know that now the activaction is changed but maybe this little file can be more easy to understand. (this file must write some data on hd)

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