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    New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

    Update: Team Jungle and C4E have now joined Team Hades to assist with their ongoing research to hack the PS3 entertainment system!

    A few weeks back we first reported news of a PS3 Blu-ray 302R drive being successfully connected to a PC by DemonHades and examined by JaicraB, and today Team Hades reports that Calimba has managed to do it with a newer PlayStation 3 Blu-ray 304R drive as well.

    To quote from their PlayStation 3 hacking progress update, roughly translated from Spanish to English:

    "Well, I just woke up with this news, our mail Calimba has managed to connect the 304R model is one of the newest, and also ensures better to connect the PS3 Slim.

    The way forward has been entirely empirical, so we do not try it because it does not show any information on the Internet.

    Moreover, the good news is we already know to extract and decrypt the FW. I think that people who criticized us so much, it's time to bend the ears, and finally admit what this team and this website are doing for the scene...

    Thanks to the people to trust us and all members of the TEAM HADES, without them this would not be possible."

    Finally, props to humi for passing along the news!

    New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

    New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

    New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

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    Excellent news, keep it up!!!

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    This looks like great news, from earlier posts the firmware reading looks a little bit more complicated than the xbox 360. I'll be watching this space for news. Good work guys.

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    This looks like awesome news!

    So great work !

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    I see more in the future.

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    he mentioned they also know how to decrypt the FW... Now that's some good news... cheers...

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    great news!! i hope we have something out of this!!!

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    They should release a cable for some of us to try as I have a YLOD ps3 sitting around.

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    This looks great, decrypt the FW is amazing news!

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    BD Firmware decrypted = Game On

    I salute you Team Hades and i'm sure you guys will bring this beast down.


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