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    Nice work guys!! Not sure if this is the right place but where can I find the jailbreak for 4.50?
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    CCAPI Debugger 2.1 By MaDetho for PlayStation 3 is Released

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    Following up on the previous update, PlayStation 3 developer MaDetho has now released CCAPI (ControlConsole API) Debugger 2.1 followed by v2.2 and ControllConsoleAPI v2.50 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] by Enstone / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (CcApi_package_2.50.rar)

    This application will let you debug the PS3 memory and search values/changes.

    • Connection via CCAPI (CEX) and TMAPI (DEX - Not tested).
    • Set/Get offset value (1 byte, 2 bytes, 4 bytes and text).
    • Debugging: Show current PS3 memory, starting at a specific address.
    • Auto update PS3 Memory in a specified interval time (Changes will be shown red in Hex).
    • Search for a value (Hex or Dec) in a specific range of memory. Results will be shown in a table. Refresh searched results to get current values of memory.
    • Search in Result for specific changes like ammo changing from 345 to 344.
    • Single click on result: Offset and current value will be shown in Offset Box to edit. Double click: Same as single click + PS3 memory at clicked offset will be shown.
    • Dump memory: Dumps PS3 Memory in specific range to a binary file.
    • Find Offset ranges for your game.

    • CTRL + D - Dump memory
    • F6 - Reload debug PS3 memory
    • F5 - Refresh search results


    Version 2.2
    • Bugfix: "[...] is not a parameter-less method, property or field of type '????????'"
    • Bugfix: small searching performance fix

    Version 2.1
    • Optimized the layout for people with lower resolutions.
    • Finding game ranges (Credits to Dnawrkshp).
    • Search in Result performance update (For 53,000 results: Old algorithm = 9:48 mins / New algorithm = 39 secs!).
    • Added time counter for Search/Refresh

    Version 2.0
    • Added search features.
    • Added a dump feature.
    • Added shortcuts.

    Version 1.1
    • When a byte is clicked in hex view, it will automatically set the offset + byte to the inputs and focus on them, so it’s very close to live editing.

    Version 1.0
    • Thanks ccarlsen for the design.
    • Initial release.

    • ccarlsen Design Concept and Thread
    • byDaan for testing
    • Enstone CCAPI
    • iMCSx PS3Lib
    • Dnawrkshp NetCheat idea

    Update: ControllConsoleAPI v2.50 - Adds 4.53/4.55 CFW Support

    What is CCAPI?

    ControlConsoleAPI is an API for PS3 and PC similar to TMAPI on DEX console. But this one "CCAPI" works for CEX and DEX. It will give you features listed below.

    Compatible firmwares:

    CFW - 4.21, 4.30, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55 CEX or DEX. Not compatible with "Cobra" firmwares.

    CCAPI Features:
    • Compatible CEX/DEX/SEX/(TOOL ?)
    • Debug non-fself & fself in real time (vsh.self for example can be debugged in rte, or any game with non debug eboot)
    • Debug kernel in real time(lv2_kernel.self and lv1.self)
    • Classic functions (RTE on CEX + DEX): getProcessMemory, setProcessMemory, shutdown/reboot, work with Wireless connection, bypass exec pages writing restriction, bypass lv2 memory protection

    New functionalities like:
    • peek/poke lv1 and lv2
    • setConsoleID at anytime/anywhere
    • setConsoleLed
    • ringBuzzer
    • getTemperature
    • VSH module loading
    • notify


    • Added 4.53/4.55 support
    • Added a console list

    • Reduced memory use
    • DLL (C++ / C#) released to build programs for ccapi

    • Original version

    VSH module loading:

    Create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called plugins and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be:


    All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at ps3 boot.

    Important: If some games refuse to work, just don't use plugins (delete plugins folder from /dev_usb000)

    How to install CCAPI?

    Just download and run this pkg on your ps3.CcApi_2.50_package. It will tell you to reboot, and it's done. You only need to do this once.

    How to uninstall CCAPI?

    Just run again the pkg.

    Is it risky?

    No, in the worst case, you could need to reinstall your firmware.

    • iMCSx
    • flukes1

    How to convert a 2.00 tool -> 2.50 tool:

    1) Delete any CCAPI.dll in the same folder than the software
    2) Put the PS3Lib 4.3 in the same folder than the software
    3) Use the installer to install CCAPI 2.50 on your PC (you may need to reboot your pc at the end)
    4) Install the CCAPI 2.50 pkg on your PS3

    If you still don't understand how to install it, you can follow this tutorial:

    CCAPI 2.50 Installation tutorial: enstone.frenchmoddingteam.com/ccapi.html

    Finally, below is a LeakNeon Console Manager v2.01 for CCAPI (CEX) by Team Neon (via leakneon.cf/forum/index.php?threads/offical-leakneon-console-manager-v2-01.33/) with details as follows:

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    To quote, roughly translated (via biteyourconsole.net/2014/04/21/scena-ps3-rilasciato-leakneon-console-manager-v2-0-1): In Section PS3 File Manager you will have the opportunity to connect the console via the FTP client and transfer files through it, in the Connection section, you can directly connect the console to the PC and be able to extrapolate some information that may relate to the firmware or the temperature of the cell and the RSX.

    In Processes can change the offset, all will run in the RTM (Real Time), the offsets will change to include some cheat, tricks to do as we have seen in the program Eboot Hacker Developer flynhigh09 which, however, required to replace the eboot file amended.

    In Extra's can intervene on the settings of the LED and a possible shutdown of the console, last in the downloads section you will find a number of custom firmware, tools and various eboot debugged.

    CCAPI Debugger 2.1 By MaDetho for PlayStation 3 is Released

    CCAPI Debugger 2.1 By MaDetho for PlayStation 3 is Released

    CCAPI Debugger 2.1 By MaDetho for PlayStation 3 is Released

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    very nice work guys

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    not available. do we have a mirror?

    nevermind, it works now.

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    Thief CCAPI RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 By Nercore Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Nercore has released a Thief CCAPI (ControlConsole API) RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 with details below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]


    1. Download the attached files.
    2. Requires CCAPI 2.00 to be installed on your PS3.
    3. Unrar the files.
    4. Launch Thief CCAPI.exe.
    5. Press on the Connect Button and type in your PS3 IP and click ok.
    6. Now press the associate Hotkey to Enable or Disable the Options.

    Thief CCAPI RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 By Nercore Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Can I installed CCAPI with Cobra CFW? I read somewhere it would brick if I did that?

    And I've never got an answer last time I asked.

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    About CCAPI 2.5 on Rogero 4.55

    Hello everyone: My PS3 is Rogero 4.55.

    I spoof it to 4.6 and use PSN Patch to shutdown CFW.

    I downloaded 4 different GTA V Real Time Mods and use CCAPI 2.5 (My CCAPI can "connect" and "attach" successfully.)

    But when I go online (a only me lobby), only a little function like"slow motion" and "Gravity" is working...
    The most important functions that I want like : money and level are not working....

    Should I change to DEX and use TMAPI? or downgrade Rogero to 4.21 and try CCAPI again?

    Could someone give me some advices?

    Thank you very much~


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