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Following up on LuaPlayer PS3 Beta 1.0, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer the_marioga has released LuaFPS3 v0.1, which allows users to run Lua Homebrew on the PS3 entertainment system.

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To quote, roughly translated: After the "success" of LuaFWii, I decided to port it to PS3 and take two parallel developments. For those who do not know a LuaPlayer LuaFPS3 for PS3, that is allowed to run homebrew Lua made ​​in your PS3.

What is Lua?

Lua is a programming language, simple and powerful, that does not require to be compiled to run it.

What can the lua player?

Show images, geometric shapes, display text, data collected and SIXAXIS DualShock3, among other things. Very useful and powerful when it comes to game programming easy. Functions are on file in the RAR reference.html

What changes will the next version?
  • Management functions of files and folders
  • ImageLoadinOne removed (obsolete)

Initial Release
  • No sound or file management functions

Update: Finally, below is a LUA Player PSL1ght v2 Port from 3141card as follows:

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Post it as response for compiling help in a other forum, get not a damned reaction like a simple "it work" or "it don't work". So I kill the links. Found yesterday time to read how LUA work, more exact, how library code like a SDL interface can be added. It is very simple.

I add e.g. TTF-font support, a sys-font in the example. But I am really not interested in LUA. Maybe someone here have time and pleasure to add things like sound (from psl1ght or SDL) and other things to the LUA Player.
  • Compiled with psl1ght 2 and signed for 4.xx
  • The app search for "/dev_usb000/app.lua", change nothing on lib code, fix only the usual path/name probs for psl1ght vs psl1ght-v2

LuaFPS3 v0.1 Arrives, Run PS3 Lua Homebrew on PlayStation 3

LuaFPS3 v0.1 Arrives, Run PS3 Lua Homebrew on PlayStation 3

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