Hermes v4 Final Custom PSGroove Payload is Now Released! - Page 25
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    Contributor joysei's Avatar
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    The latest ps3break 1.5a, 1.5b, 1.5c was the Hermes V4b.

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    Contributor spideygower's Avatar
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    i am not getting this , everytime i download a version of hermes v4 for the ti-84 it comes as a "application variable" which my calculator doesn.t show. I have success with JB but want to play MOH.


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    Contributor drjay85's Avatar
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    Red Face

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    Hello all - I'm pretty new to the PS3 JB scene and am trying to get up to speed on the basics. Is this hex/payload the most up-to-date & allows me to play the most games currently? I'm reading around here and there seems to be multiple payloads being used, and I'm not sure what differentiates all of them.

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    This is for the people who use Hermes V4B, this hex has PSN access! Thanks to iLLNESS.

    - Only 3.41 fw for now.
    - LED support will be fixed on next update.
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    Hex for PIC18FXXX and P3Free boards.

    - 3.41 fw only
    - All fixed.

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    Ahh.. It's sad to see you go Hermes !! but... I can see your troubles over it all and blame you not.

    Yes, the 'scene' should act collectively, but I think it's safe to say that you have helped mold the face of what we currently know as the Jailbreak Payload beyond measure!

    Take care my friend and thank you for your huge contribution to the scene!

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