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    Quote Originally Posted by pip1 View Post
    3rd party gpu drivers are one of the hardest things to program from what I understand.
    The RSX is based on the GeForce 7800. It shouldn't be too hard or take long to adapt Nouveau (the Linux nVidia drivers) to work with it.

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    I haven't tried this version but I'm assuming it's the same where you have to modify it to load linux from your nfs share? It's an interesting project but it's mostly for devs at this stage.

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    Yay, !

    Want to see the 2 Tux's on my TV, again. Like 3 years before with Yellow Dog.

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    What I wonder, will you have just as much memory available as with OtherOS or is the GameOS also loaded.. Ofcourse it would be great if it would be possible to start the already installed Yellowdog using asbestos..

    And as someone else already mentioned, the RSX is based on an nvidia chipset for which already an opensource driver exists, it shouldn't be hard to get that driver compatible with the RSX (Remind you, the RSX is more than a GPU alone).

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    In theory, with access to an lv2 dump and the SDK, we have everything we need to figure out how the RSX works. But, it would be a case of compiling something using the SDK and seeing what code it generates and how that interacts with the kernel. In all probability, it'd be quite a slow going project...


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