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    Arrow Help Taking the Playstation DM to the next level...

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    I previously released Playstation Download Manager, 3.27 with various bug fixes; and now it's time to add more features and take it to the next level.

    Current Plans:

    >> Create a download manager - 0%
    Looking for someone to create a download manager, which can receive an input such as (string url, int segments, string destination) and prevent duplicate downloads.

    Data must be accessed like this:
    Foreach (DataRow row in GetDownloads())
    Row: (Filename, Progress, Kilobytes_Downloaded, Filesize, Time Remaining)
    Just a sample of how I'll be accessing data.

    >> View friends (Online or Offline and there status) - 75%

    (Can fetch list of friends usernames, and get yours from e-mail address)

    Need to find the beginning of this url: /playstation/psn/profile/get_gamer_summary_data?id=[USERNAME]

    as it returns this information:
    {"userName":"Nathant93","avatar":"http://static-resource.np.community.playstation.net/avatar_s/WWS_E/E0033_s.png","aboutMe":"Arsenal Fan","onlineStatus":{"comment":"","extensionData":null,"extensionStatus":null,"from":{"avatarURL":"","mediumAvatarURL":"","npId":{"friendStatus":"","onlineId":"Nathant93","opt":"a2gb","pcId":0,"ver":"1"},"onlineName":"","smallAvatarURL":""},"offline":{"stamp":"2010-06-23T10:51:02Z"},"show":"","type":""},"lastSeen":"Jun 23, 2010 06:51:02 AM EDT","level":{"bronze":284,"gold":17,"level":7,"platinum":1,"progress":93,"silver":63}}
    Proxy Server - 100% (Using it from the old version)

    If you provide any of the above, then I'll include your name in the developers tab.

    NOTE: Any code written must be in C# or VB.NET to simplify inclusion within this program.

    Thank you...

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    it's a very nice app, thank you

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    Big Grin

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    I'm sure you probably have but did you try:



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