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    I wish there was someone with enough knowledge to implement these awesome discoveries.

    Just as a concept my question is: Is there a chance to redirect or alter in any way the authentication requests/responses from the Storage manager? For example returning a O.K. (genuine) for optical media when user uses recordable discs (obviously not genuine).


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    Still trying....

    So far, I don't think anyone except Graf Chokolo has been able to boot their PS3 successfully with this payload.

    I think there are plenty of people that know what to do with it, if they can get it to boot..

    So far Ive tried;
    Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 10 with both ps3toolchain and IBM SDK 3.0

    I can get it to compile cleanly, but I cant get any response from the payload on either my 3.41 or my 3.15 CECHA-01/BC PS3's

    It would be nice if Graf Chokolo would chime in with the exact setup he is using to make this work, as in what Linux distro is he using, what toolchain etc.

    Hint for Ubuntu users: You must update your libpcap to version 1.1.1 or else sendfile will pump out an error on PCAP_NETMASK_UNKNOWN because the version Ubuntu 10 thinks is current is old.


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