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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    Good review HeyManHRU. Keep us informs if it works with newer Firmwares if they're released.

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    Awesome HeyManHRU. Now setup the half-boot and tell us how it works.

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    Another update from the E3 team: 2011-10-31

    Today we stopped the production of E3 flasher limited and start to provide E3 Nor flasher. The E3 Nor flasher function is same as E3 flasher limited and include 4 parts which is mainboard, cover board, CLIP with softboard and metal cover. It works on all Nor flash console and No solder. The E3 Nor flasher suggested retail price is USD78.

    So instead of buying the whole package with the Esata station and all the other accessories you'll just get the NOR flasher which is really all you need to get it working.
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    HMH are you going to offer a downgrade service in your local area and make some cash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natepig View Post
    HMH are you going to offer a downgrade service in your local area and make some cash?
    I might be doing it for one of my friends, but the NOR flasher can't take the wear and tear that other devices can take. It's almost as thin as a piece of paper if not thinner and by taking it out and installing it on other consoles too many times it will probably break.

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    That's a shame and definately something to consider if making a purchase.

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    Just an update.

    I thought I was going to be back sooner. However I have not made it back. When I do get back I will install it on a ps3 160 gig. And I will post some pictures of it installed on the ps3 as well as the downgrade. Sorry for the delay. But this is a hobby and it is family for me being 4 hours from home. Thanks

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    will it work for me? I have CECH-2502B, thanks

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    Yes, all slim consoles are supported.

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    Thanks, and what should i do after installing e3 in ps3? The guide is very complicated, and also if dual-boot is not supported then how should I use two hdds, one for cfw and another for ofw.

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