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    Now, it says that he is coding the dolphin emulator for the ps3. A very good emulator for the pc. I have to limit some games because they run to fast sometimes! ( and this is by running it on a last-gen Macbook pro).

    I wouldn't be too surprised if we can get this running at decent speed.
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    it'll probably be better due to the fact both systems use a power pc based processor and both use the same calls.

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    funny thing is Dolphin runs HD support, and the Wii doesn't. The emulator surpassed the system it emulates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aba View Post
    Haha you said it yourself YOUR NOT A CODER or DEVELOPER, so why are you posting like you know that it can't run at fullspeed?
    I only doubted it, never said it was impossible the main thing is it would take a lot of work at the moment to get it to run full speed. Dolphin only just manages 60fps on some games on my pc let alone on a ps3. If both consoles are PPC based then maybe it will run better but takes alot of CPU power to emulate properly.

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    I hope that he make it, i check his source everyday, hahaha.

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    I saw this coming with the announcement of the PS-wii controllers... where the h377 is the 360 emulator...




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