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    Junior Member Studs's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    Big Grin Dead Rising 2 PS3 Hack Including God Mode!

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    Just found this.. Can confirm this working? Bashing some zombie skulls now Just thought i'd spread the word.

    Dead Rising 2 Mod Pack I Made. Its A datafile.big That I Custom Made. I Also Have A Debug Menu If Anyone Wants Tht Too.

    Things That This Includes:

    1. 3 Times As Many Z-Bags
    2. 3 Safehouse Locations [ Modded Where Weapons Spawn In These ]
    3. All Weapons Unlocked
    4. All Cars Unlocked
    5. Most Pawn Shop Items Free [ ALL WEAPONS ]
    6. Guns Have RIDICULOUS PP, Combo Weapons Have Max 214729374 Or Something Like That
    7. Modded Weapons [ Super BFG Scatters Zombies Everywhere And Has A 100 Foot Radius Killing Most Zombies. And Shotguns That Shoot Saw Blades WIN I Know Lol]
    8. Super Fast Vehicles [ Bunny Bike = Too Fast Lol ]
    9. 1 Hit Killsplosion With Most Melee Weapons
    10. ALL! I Repeat ALL Clothes Are In Rooms 1 And 11. EVERY Outfit On The Game Including Knight Armor.
    11. Last But Not Least - God Mode [ ohh Yeaa. I Was First I Believe To Coin This Badass Mod. ]

    God Mode

    Modded Weapons

    All Clothes


    [Register or Login to view links]

    [Register or Login to view links]

    How To Install
    1. Make Sure You Have Backed Up Your Dead Rising 2
    2. On Your PS3, Go Into Blackb0x Ftp Server.|. On Your PC/Mac Go Into Your Client ( Fillezilla, Cute Ftp etc... I Use Filezilla)
    3. Navigate To Your Backup [ hdd0\GAMES\BLES00948\USRDIR\[Insert Your Prefered File]

    I Worked Really Hard On This For You Guys . I Am Not Currently Using The God Mode File/ If Someone Could Confirm It Works As People Hve Said On Other Forums There Is No Was To Get Godmode Beast Mode

    credite goes to -biggetybudd

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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    Just want to add for modders, who thinks, which patterns are changed in the decrypted EBOOT.BIN.


    Original pattern
    7C 7E 1B 78 80 69 00 00 FB 61 01 18 2F 83 00 00 FB 81 01 20 FB A1 01 28 FB E1 01 38
    Modded pattern
    60 00 00 00 80 69 00 00 FB 61 01 18 2F 83 00 00 FB 81 01 20 FB A1 01 28 FB E1 01 38
    Codefreak / E3 / PS3Usercheatcode
    2000     006E0864     60000000
    Thanks goes out to a talented Japanese hacker/modder xtatu for this.


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