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    I bricked my new PS3 while writing on dev_blind. So I hope there will be a good concept to repair this for my 3.55 Kmeaw. I was thinking of sending it to Sony, of course I would wipe the HDD first and let the warranty seal intact. If someone can proof that this work, I will give it a shot, hope for an English version of the application by the way.

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    This is great news!

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    this is a great app, I hope for an english version and tutorial on how to do stuff with it soon.

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    well this is still good news, but it's not as easy as it sounds - the steps are simple - you need a backup of your! corrupted nand from your console - so you have to get a nand reader/writer such as infectus chip - you have to open and assemble the chip to your ps3 and then to extract the nand via pc with some tools.

    after you did, you have to use this tool to repair the corrupted nand - after repair you have to flash the nand with the repaired nand. after that you should be able to get your ps3 working!

    there won't be a simple solution so far, since the ylod has one big problem: the usb ports aren't working - so it's nearly impossible that there will be a simple method to repair the ps3 with corrupted nand. and as far as i know, it has to be your nand dump - other won't work since it has a "code" in it, which works only with your ps3. so let's wait. there won't be a simple solution so far.

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    There's USB NAND Flash programs out there for Samsung NAND chips that are very inexpensive !


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