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    Cubicle Shooter City v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer ThatOtherDev has released Cubicle Shooter City v0.1, a top down dual stick shooter PS3 homebrew game.

    Download: Cubicle Shooter City v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game / (Mirror)

    From his blog, to quote: Recycle today for a better tomorrow! Cubicle Shooter City is a top down dual stick shooter that uses the city generator I made for Hero City 2 and the character models from Cubicle Shooter.

    To be honest I'm not very happy with how it turned out. It performs poorly and I think it looks ugly. Does anyone want me to continue working on this? What would you like to see added or changed? There where a few things I was planning to do but now I think Im most likely going to just abandon this.

    In b4 someone gives me sht for making a new game and abandoning it to move on to other things instead of sinking 20 years of my life into perfecting its mediocrity.

    I will definitely be working on UFO Racer this month, I'm also going to be posting source code soon and for any of you with a homebrew enabled Wii I'll be making Wii ports of Cubicle Shooter City and UFO Racer very soon. So you have all of that to look forward to.

    Cubicle Shooter City v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

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    Reminds me of another similar game he made (forget the name). This style of gameplay is decent, it would be much better though if it was a space shooter instead of people.

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    I think the title of the similar game you were thinking of was probably They Do Not Die 2.