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    Use sen enabler for it

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    Cobra ODE News - Update / Cobra ODE News - Information

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    12 - 2 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update

    From Cobra manufacturer Max Louarn: We have successfully tested a performance update for 4.20 and 4.30 which rectifies freezing issues reported by some users. We have also implemented a fix for BMD-061 drive control boards on 2k consoles and auto eject on 2k.

    Please follow the instructions in the README.TXT carefully.

    From PS3 scene profiteer Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA):

    Don't worry Cobra's solution will be a lot better then E3's half-ass encrypted bootdisc swap-disc.

    Cobra's mainboard can do 'encryption on the fly' so if there needs to be a bootdisc with special headers before the iso is loaded, then they will be able to without the need of using an actual Blu-ray.

    From magneto: Information update: Only super slim models are affected. The 4.55 update has a specific protection against ODEs. We are lucky to have found a way to bypass this new protection, as Sony have historically only released fixes that cannot be bypassed. We also have a working solution that we're working on, but it is very similar to what E3 has. We are aware that the current 4.55 fix is not user friendly and we are trying to find an alternative solution.

    We are trying to make the disc swap solution much more convenient for users before we release it. Some of you should learn to be patient. The team is working around the clock to fix the issue for you, be considerate. Running an IRD-built iso that is the same as the bootdisc you have in the drive should work. Those who reported that some game is working for them, can you confirm that it is a different game than the bootdisc you are using ?

    If it isn't, can you upload the iso or specify how it was generated (with IRD or not, which version of genps3iso you used) and specify which bootdisc you used with it and if it works with other bootdiscs ? We expect to have an update available in the coming week.

    We have a fix for we are currently testing for those who get the 80010017 error. It will be released with the 2.0 update.

    Update: 15 - 2 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Information

    Cobra 2.0 release imminent - features explained (Including initial support for 4.55):

    Cobra Team have been hard at work 24/7 preparing the next firmware release for our users. The incoming Cobra 2.0 is once again a massive update and packed with innovative new features.

    After the massive features (PS1, PS2, BD/DVD movies and IRD 9 support) added in the recent Cobra 1.90 update, we're back with yet more cool features in 2.0 which will be released in the coming week:

    2.0 will pack these features:
    • Initial support for OFW 4.55 (Please read further information in news paragraph below)
    • Auto-generate browser from the MCU, no more need for genps3extra
    • Dumping of original games using the BD drive is now possible through the Cobra Manager
    • Added support for XMB enabled Pass-Through mode, meaning user no longer has to use slide switch to swap modes and in addition playback of burned PS1 discs when used in combination with the game.disc_type=ps1 configuration option
    • Increased AES encryption module performance by over 100%, now there is no lag in playback of IRD generated ISO's
    • Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode
    • Eject now possible on 4k systems, without need for user to open console cover
    • Added support for "eject.delay" option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems (default value of 1000ms)
    • Added support for "leds.disable" configuration option to disable specific LED colors

    We have been working on a solution for OFW update 4.55, which will fix the added anti ODE measures. The current approach will be more streamlined than solutions currently offered by other teams, however it is not as convenient as using the ODE on pre 4.55 OFW's. Our R&D focus is now concentrating on other possible solutions to bypassing the 4.55 checks.

    The current working solution for OFW 4.55 will be released in the coming week. We advise users to use this update if they have accidentally updated to 4.55. Others who have not yet updated may want to consider keeping their consoles on 4.53 or lower until a better solution is available to benefit from the user convenience of the ODE on these firmwares.

    We can now also confirm that only 4k Super Slim series consoles are affected by the 4.55 update. Those who have 3k / 2k5 Slim or earlier consoles are safe to update to 4.55.

    Cobra MCU 2.0 Changelog:
    • Added support for manager.type=browser configuration option -> Auto-generate browser from the MCU, no more need for genps3extra
    • Fix DISC.ISO dumping corruption -> Dumping of original games using the BD drive is now possible through the Cobra Manager
    • Added support for XMB enabled Pass-Through mode -> Allow access to the boot disc from the manager or browser and enable PT without touching the PT/EMU switch -> Allow playback of burned PS1 discs when used in combination with the game.disc_type=ps1 configuration option
    • Added support for game.pt=1 configuration option to force software-emulation Pass-Through
    • Increase AES encryption module performance by over 100% -> Playback of IRD generated ISO will not lag anymore
    • Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode -> Still not recommended to update to 4.55 for super slim users
    • Added support for eject.add_menu=1 configuration option to add a menu to return to manager when game iso is loaded -> useful for 4k which don't have Remove Disc option in XMB
    • Added support for "eject.delay" option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems (default value of 1000ms)
    • Added support for "mcu.underclock" configuration option -> Allows underclocking the MCU to further limit power consumption
    • Added support for "leds.disable" configuration option to disable specific LED colors -> Feature requested by forum user DarkKitarist because LED light was brightening up his room at night -> 1=blue, 2=red, 4=green, can be added to disable more than one color, leds.disable=6 disables red and green, leds.disable=7 disables all led colors -> Disabling a color can affect LED color in combined situations, for example, disabling green will show a purple color if you select a DVD or BD movie (normally white)
    • Fix freezing on 4.20 and 4.30 boards

    To all the impatient people who can't appreciate the work we're doing and the burnouts we're having from preparing this next release to you: thank you for your encouraging words and for bringing up our motivation in working more than 24h per day for your enjoyment and for fixing your mistake of updating before receiving the green light from the team.

    For the others, here is an update on the status of the 2.0 release: The release is almost ready, we are doing QA and trying to get rid of some bugs The changes in the 2.0 firmware are massive with a lot of new features that everyone will appreciate. We do not want to rush this release and have it fail for half our users so we must test it properly. A couple more days of work and if no new bugs are found, the release will be ready. In the meantime, please be patient.

    Finally, below are some new PCB Cobra ODE pictures with include Version 5.10B. The new PCB boards are shorter than previous models.

    From magneto: The new v5 boards are being shipped now, they are much smaller than previous boards. As SDeath said, you can compare the size with the clipon PCB. They will run cooler so should not have overheating issues, and will be much faster for game loading and for IRD games.

    I believe they will also work with the CECHL BMD-21 drives, but I cannot confirm that at the moment.

    No, burning and using the swap disc is only needed if you have 4.55 firmware and a 4k model and that mode will only be enabled if you enable the appropriate option in cobra.cfg, otherwise, it will work as before.

    It will be one disc for all your games. You will need to burn a bluray disc to play games on 4.55, if you are on 4.55, you can play online. What the other user asked for was if he stayed on 4.53, he can't use online, and wanted to know if he could use his ODE on 4.53 without burning discs.

    Yes, 2.0 is universal, you can use it on any model, any firmware version. There is no need for duct tape, that is only for E3. For Cobra, you don't need it, but you need to solder one wire and the installation manual was updated with instructions on how and where to solder it.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    dfe8bef89f859b730670c72b5f69275d.jpg   Cobra 05.10B2.jpg   70f3ee6f887be3c3501ccec019d85d91.jpg  
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    How to install on PS3 60gb fat console with latest update 4.55 ?

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    I got a Cobra Usb dongle last week on the strength of it being apparently plug in and play and non-invasive procedure for the console. I've found it isn't easy.

    As a total novice I need a step by step idiot proof guide how to hack the ps3 so I can actually use it. I've so far installed all the drivers and latest 6.0 firmware on the dongle and come to a grinding halt.

    I've downloaded all the files and followed the user manual but am stuck. In various forums I've read about installing flashing devices but I thought using the Cobra you don't.

    I need to open the console. I need massive and simple help on what to do. I'm on a PS3 original 60gb uk pal with latest OFW 4.55 installed. Any help gratefully received.

    Remember I'm a complete novice and need simple untechnical "do this", "do that" instructions. Thanks in advance.

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    Cobra ODE News - Information, Cobra ODE MCU v2.0 Released

    26 - 2 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Information

    We are now close to release of the 2.0 firmware for the V3, V4 and V4 QSV versions of Cobra. We expect to release the 2.0 firmware this weekend. The release includes support for 4.55 OFW on 4k consoles and all functionality previously announced for fw 2.0

    Furthermore, we are now shipping the 5.10B QSV Cobra which is more compact and runs on accelerated hardware giving faster performance. The Cobra 2.0 firmware will be released for 5.10B next week.

    All future firmware updates will be released in parallel on V3, V4 / V4 QSV and V5 / V5 QSV hardware.

    Photos of the new V5.10B hardware pack, will be published tomorrow.

    Update: Cobra ODE MCU v2.0 Released

    The Cobra Team as promised has released a new update for users with Cobra ODE version MCU 2.0. The new update is for users with problems with the console and 4k with ofw 4.55. In waiting for an official guide below is the changelog and downloading:

    Changelog: COBRA ODE 2.0
    • FPGA 1: Increase AES encryption module performance to 220% faster than previous release
    • FPGA 3: Fix disc dumping corruption and increase disc dumping performance by 100%
    • Added support for manager.type=browser configuration option to autogenerate browser
    • Added support for software-emulation Pass-Through mode
    • Added support for bypass.4.55=1 configuration option to bypass the 4.55 superslim security
    • Added support for game.pt=1 configuration option to force software-emulation Pass-Through
    • Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode
    • Added support for eject.add_menu=1 configuration option to add a menu to return to manager when game iso is loaded
    • Added support for eject.delay option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems
    • Added support for manager.on_eject=0 configuration option
    • Added support for mcu.underclock configuration option
    • Added support for leds.disable configuration option to disable specific LED colors
    • Various stability fixes

    • Fix support for flashing FPGA images
    • Add support for flashing 2.0 firmware

    • Add disc dumping capabilities
    • Add support for Passthrough Mode

    Download: Cobra ODE Manager v 1.6 / Cobra ODE Bootloader 1.3 / Cobra ODE Database (28-02-2014) / Cobra ODE MCU 2.0

    Warning: Downloading and use is at your own risk without an official guide. Only users with console 2k and 3k users can update while the console 4k users must wait.
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    Cobra ODE News - Update

    28 - 2 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update

    COBRA ODE 2.0 fw Release for V3 and V4/V4 QSV Cobra PCB's including OFW 4.55 Bypass

    We are pleased to present for release the Cobra fw 2.0 which has many new features and also initial support for OFW 4.55. Whilst the support for OFW 4.55 is not as convenient as on previous OFW's, it provides a solution for those who accidentally updated or wish to use 4.55 directly on SEN.

    We suggest that users remain on 4.53 or lower if they wish to benefit from the full convenience of an ODE solution. That being said we are researching other possible methods for compatibility with the 4.55+ firmwares and will keep our users posted through the news on this site and various other forums.

    Before using the Cobra ODE kindly refer to the 4.55 Bypass manual carefully. Please be sure to follow the prerequisite steps and ensure that you have updated the firmware on the ODE hardware properly first. Kindly note that 1 wire must be soldered to the drive door, which is detailed in the updated installation manual. The newly launched V5 QSV Cobra does not require a wire to be soldered for controlling the 4k series drive door, since it is bundled with a special adapter which takes care of this functionality via the included ribbon cables.

    In addition to the 4.55 OFW support, we have included many new features which are sure to excite users and demonstrate the power of the Cobra ODE.

    New features in 2.0 fw:
    • On the fly generation of browser menu system (no pc app required)
    • LED configuration
    • Full 4k auto eject system added
    • XMB enabled passthrough system added, use of hardware switch not required
    • Configuration of eject delay added
    • AES performamce increased by 100%
    • Disc dumping via manager added
    • + Many other tweaks and performance benefits added

    We have also freshened up our user manauls to make installation and detailing of the full functionality of the Cobra ODE easier to understand.

    As you can see the 2.0 fw release is a massive leap forward. You can be sure to expect more from Team Cobra in the months to come.

    2.0fw for V5 QSV users will be released in the following week... Read "User Manual v2.0" and follow Bootloader update procedure prior to use FPGA update from MCU v2.0. Thanks for your continued support.


    Finally, from SDeath comes an updated Easy Batch Generate/Merge COBRA ISO's Tool (Including OFW 4.55 ISO's + Swap Disc) with direct download links below.

    To quote: And a whole new update of my tool came together with the 2.0 COBRA ODE update. To make sure you can convert all those games for the 4.55 bypass more easily. And also supports the merging of the games dumped by the new Manager.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    Changelog: 28-02-2014 (dd-mm-yyyy):
    • Updated to latest version support files released today by the COBRA Team.
    • Added support for OFW 4.55 Bypass batch ISO creation.
    • Added support to generate the OFW 4.55 Bypass SwapDisc.
    • Added support to batch merge game ISO's either dumped using the new 1.6 COBRA Manager, or split with genps3iso.
    • Added Check to see if source folders are empty.
    • Generated a exe from the script.

    Only people with a 4k PS3 and are on OFW 4.55 need to use the swap disc and will need to rebuild their games!!

    All others don't need to do this, they can still update to COBRA ODE 2.0 firmware to enjoy the new features.

    Tutorial: How to Dump a Game with Cobra Manager 1.6
    • Connect a FAT32 USB drive to the front ports of the PS3.
    • Uncomment this line in the cobra.cfg: disc.unsupported=ignore
    • Start the Manager (this won't work on the Browser).
    • Switch to the disc you want to dump (also unsupported discs can be dumped when switched when the manager is running).
    • Press triangle.

    After it's done you can use the Easy Batch Generate/Merge COBRA ISO's Tool (Including OFW 4.55 ISO's + Swap Disc) to merge them again into one ISO file.

    Known Issues:

    I've seen crashes after it's done dumping, you need to hard reboot the PS3 to get it to work again.

    Tutorial: How to Prepare the HDD (with Preconfigured Packages)

    This will replace the Tutorial: How to Create the Cobra Browser, with the 2.0 update of the Cobra ODE, things have changed how the Browser behaves and how it's created, it all does it on the fly.

    So therefore a Browser Tutorial is not needed anymore, but to make things easy for you I have setup 3 pre-configured HDD packages to prepare your HDD, this way you are sure all the needed files are there on the HDD.

    The Packages:

    *Stealth will show the Cobra Browser in the Games and Video section of the XMB, SuperStealth will only show the Cobra Browser in the Video section.

    All 3 packages include the Browser and the Manager, from update 2.0 onward it's very easy to switch between the two, just a small edit in the cobra.cfg. The differences between the packages is just how the cobra.cfg is setup. The Manager now also supports disc dumping so that's why I think it should also be included in the Browser packages.


    01 - Download one of the above packages.
    02 - Extract the contents to the root of the HDD.
    03 - Copy the games to the folder PS3_GAMES.
    04 - Adjust the cobra.cfg to your needs, on default it will show the Return to Manager option in the XMB, the other options like 4.55 or LED disable you need to adjust yourself.
    05 - Safe eject the HDD and connect to the external PCB USB port. Done!


    If you downloaded one of my Browser packages you can switch easily to the manager by changing this line:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And if you used my Manager package you have to do the revers to switch to the Browser so change this line:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    • File versions used: Browser/Manager 1.6, cobra.db 28-02-2014.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    IMG_0539.JPG   Anti-ODE_Security_Baypass_Manual_(English)_v1.0.pdf   Cobra_ODE_Installation_Manual_(English)_v1.1-QSV.pdf   Cobra_ODE_User_Manual_(English)_v2.0.pdf  
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    Cobra ODE 2.0 Update FAQ By Magneto and Cobra.cfg Config Tool By SDeath

    Cobra ODE 2.0 Update FAQ by magneto and Cobra.cfg Config Tool by SDeath are now available, as follows:

    ODE 2.0 Update FAQ

    With the recent release of the Cobra ODE version 2.0, there has been a lot of questions asked here in the forums, and many of them were asked multiple times. This thread is to help everyone update properly to 2.0 and fix any issues they might encounter, without having to read through pages of threads to find the answer to their question.

    Before asking any question on the forum, please make sure to read this thread carefully. We will keep this thread updated with all the frequently asked questions, so make sure to check it again for updates.

    How can I update to the 2.0 release

    You first need to update to the bootloader 1.3 which can be downloaded here: Cobra_ODE_BootLoader_v1.3.rar

    If you do not update the bootloader first, then you cannot flash the 2.0 release. Once you have updated the bootloader, you can flash the MCU, FPGA1 and FPGA2 files in any order, as long as you do it one at a time and delete the fpga files after it has been updated.

    Please refer to the appropriate section on the user manual to know how to flash them. Do not interrupt the process while it is flashing the bootloader or the FPGA to avoid a risk of bricking your device.

    How can I see which Cobra ODE board revision I have?

    You can open your console and you will see the version of the ODE written on the main Cobra PCB. If you do not wish to open the console, then you can try flashing the fpga1 images until you find the one for your device. You must of course first update the bootloader to 1.3, then you can flash the fpga1.dat file from the v3 board folder, if it fails immediately (shuts down immediately, and does not blink for 2 minutes like it's supposed to be).

    Then you have a v4.20 or v4.30 board. Flashing the wrong fpga image will not damage your ODE in any way. The v4.20 and v4.30 boards will accept both the v4.20 and v4.30 fpga1 update, so if you try to update with the v4.20 fpga1.dat image and it works, you can then boot the PS3 with the switch set to PT mode.

    If the PS3 does not detect the disc, then you probably have a v4.30 board. The fpga3.dat file is the same for all boards and will work regardless of your board revision.

    After I updated the FPGA images, the LED does not turn on anymore when I power the PS3

    If you update the FPGA images without updating the MCU image, then the light will not turn on. You can still update the MCU just put the file on your USB drive and try it.

    I can't update anything, the LED never becomes purple when I power the PS3

    Remove the power from the PS3 completely and wait a minute or two to make sure the PS3's power supply completely drains of power. Format your HDD with [Register or Login to view links] and copy the files again then try again.

    After I updated, the PS3 freezes before it reaches the XMB

    This is probably because you updated FPGA1, but not the FPGA3 file. Try to update it again.

    When I put the fpga3.dat file on my USB stick, the LED flashes purple quickly but it doesn't blink for 2 minutes

    This is probably because the fpga3 file has already been updated.

    Cobra ODE used to allow us to downgrade to previous versions, can I downgrade to 1.9 ?

    Yes you can, you will need to keep the bootloader on version 1.3 in order to downgrade the MCU and FPGA images. If you do not downgrade the FPGA1 and FPGA3 to their initial version, it will not work. It is not necessarily to downgrade the bootloader. You can find all the files you need here: Downgrade.rar

    Can I update my ODE even if I'm not on a superslim console?

    Yes, the 2.0 release is for everyone.

    I'm on a superslim console, but on 4.50 or 4.53 firmware, do I need to update my PS3 firmware to use the 2.0 release?

    No, you can use the 2.0 release on any PS3 firmware, on any PS3 console.

    What is that Cobra ODE Bypass 455 v1.0 download on the website? Do I need it?

    Those files and tools are only used for bypassing the new Anti-ODE security measures in the 4.55 PS3 firmware for superslim consoles. If you do not have a superslim, or if you have not updated to 4.55 firmware, then you do not need to download or use those files.

    I'm on a superslim console, but on 4.55 firmware, how can I make my games work again ?

    You need to download and read very carefully the anti-bypass manual: Anti-ODE_Security_Bypass_Manual_(English)_v1.0.pdf

    You will also need to download the Bypass tools: cobra-ode.com/downloads/Cobra_ODE_Bypass_455_v1.0.rar

    Do not forget to add the bypass.4.55=1 option to the cobra.cfg.

    How can I configure the ODE? How can I edit the cobra.cfg file ?

    To configure the ODE, you can change options in the cobra.cfg file. To edit the file, you can simply open it with NotePad or any other text editor. To "uncomment a line" means to remove the # in front of it.

    Since I updated, my ps3 and ODE are freezing, what should I do ?

    You should enable the mcu.underclock=1 option in the cobra.cfg

    I copied the browser.iso file to the COBRA directory but i only see the manager, not the browser

    You must enable the manager.type=browser in the cobra.cfg file. It is highly recommended to also enable the eject.on_selection=1 option at the same time.

    I am using the browser but when I select a game, it will only show a video of the cobra logo, it doesn't load my games, what should I do?

    You must enable the eject.on_selection=1 option in the cobra.cfg file, if you don't, the ODE waits for you to manually eject the disc in order to load your game selection.

    Ever since I updated, I keep getting the 80010017 error, or the "Insert original disc" 8001003E error, or the bypass is not working for me on 4.55

    If you are not on a superslim console on 4.55 firmware and you get those errors, or if you are and you used the bypass and are 100% sure that you have read and followed the bypass manual correctly but you still are getting those errors, then you need to use a different update for your ODE.

    This issue is caused by a bug that we discovered shortly after the release. Only a small portion of ODE users are affected by it, but for those who are, they cannot run games anymore. The cause is a bug in the new FPGA image which is responsible for encrypting iso files on the fly. So far, only 4.30 board users seem to be affected, but it is not yet certain.

    If you have this issue, you can try flashing the 4.20 FPGA1 image to your 4.30A board, and hopefully, it will fix the problem. The 4.20 FPGA image will work on 4.30 boards but it will have the side effect that PT mode will not work. You can however still use the software Passthrough-Mode from the manager or the browser.

    If that doesn't work for you, or you are not on 4.30A board or you do not want to lose PT support. You can use this 2.0b release that we are making available to you in the link below, and flash your device with the FPGA image provided.

    If you use the 2.0b version, your games should run again as they did before. This update will revert back to the original FPGA image and will use the old, non-optimized method for encryption. This means that you will not have the 220% performance increase in playback of IRD games.

    MCU 2.0b release: [Register or Login to view links]

    Can I use a BD-RE disc for the SWAP disc instead of a BD-R ?

    While we are currently testing a variety of BD-RE brands to make sure compatibility is optimal, early reports indicate that the use of BD-RE discs will work with the bypass method. You can try and we are confident it will work. This can cut down costs as you can reuse the same disc when you need to generate a new SWAP iso image.

    I updated to 2.0 but cutscenes from some IRD games are still lagging a little

    The performance for IRD games has increased to 220% from MCU 1.9, but it is not yet as fast as using an original disc. Most IRD games will run smoothly now, but some games which use very high definition cutscene videos will still lag a little. It is however barely noticeable and much better than before.

    Ever since I updated to 4.55 on my superslim, I can't use PT mode using the switch on the back. Why is that?

    This is a bug in the 4.30A board revisions. You can use software passthrough mode however and that will work.

    Cobra.cfg Config Tool

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    I have made a new program for you guys so you can create the cobra.cfg in a few easy steps.
    It is setup with default settings and you can just click the options you want.

    I have 2 sections, Basic Settings and Advanced Settings, only use the Advanced settings if you where told to do so by a member with more experience or if you know what you are doing.

    All options have tooltips if you want to know more about what they do. By default the following is set:
    • COBRA Browser
    • Eject Disc On selection in Browser/Manager
    • Add "Return to Manager" in XMB
    • MCU Underclock

    For users on a 4k and on OFW 4.55 enable that option too in the basic settings. If you want to use the Manager just enable that.

    After setting the right settings press Generate and select the destination of the cobra.cfg so the COBRA folder on the external HDD, if it already exist it will be overwritten.


    • Initial Release

    • Bugfix - Small typo in the code, it's fixed in v1.1

    • ARMITAGEIII Limited Edition

    • Last save location is now saved

    Update: 8 - 3 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update

    We are pleased to announce the release of the 2.0 fw for 5.10B QSV pcb's. This brings the new version of the v5 QSV functionality on par with the v3 and v4 / v4 QSV pcb's. We have included a brief txt explaining the upgrade process for the v5 QSV board. The user manual will be updated shortly with this information.

    For users on 4.55 using the 4000 series PS3 and the 5.10B, please ensure that you also install the JTAG adapter pcb and applicable FFC cables to controle the drive cover switch. The 4.55 bypass software and documentation in the downloads section is also relevent to your pcb version.

    Download: Cobra ODE (V5.10B) FW V2.0 * For PCB v5.10B only *

    Finally, from Samson comes a PADTEST.ISO for Cobra CFW with details below:

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    I made a simple iso that autoboots into an old ps2 padtest elf..


    README: PS2 ELF for testing Playstation 1 Original/Dual Analog/Dualshock 1 and Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 controllers.

    Tests the digital and analog functions with a 0-255 scale.

    To test vibration, hold 'triangle', then move the left joystick down for the strong motor (that seems to have 96 positions), or press up and down on the directional pad for the weak motor (that has 2 positions).

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    cobra.cfg Config Tool v1.0.jpg   Anti-ODE_Security_Bypass_Manual_(English)_v1.0.pdf   pad_test.png  
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    Geotron PS2 Homebrew Game & PS2 MCMAN PS3 (Cobra CFW) Ports Out

    Today PlayStation 3 developer Samson has ported the PS2 homebrew game Geotron and the PS2 utility MCMAN to PS3 (Cobra CFW) with details below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] (25.1 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (24.6 MB)

    Geotron ISO For Cobra CFW

    Another cobra autobooting blast from the ps2 scene Geotron.

    GEOTRON version 0.5 for PS2. This is a beta version of a clone of XBox "Geometry Wars" for PS2. New features include 2-player mode, hiscore save, and major bugs fixed.

    PS2 MCMAN For Cobra CFW

    Another little tool from the ps2 days in autobooting iso format that cobra users might find handy..

    Mount your ps2 mc's in the xmb and boot mcman to delete or backup saves to another mc, highlight a save and press start for options.

    OdeFixUpdate v1.0 Beta from BiteYourConsole

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

    Rough translation: Many users of the Ode on Firmware console Superslim 4.55 and found quite a few problems to update their games, waiting for the user Pal0x releases a solution that ultimately we put on a pair of instructions to try to make it easier to prepare updates.

    The application is simple to use, just enter the PKG update file in the program folder and launch the file OdeFixUpdate.bat.

    The package will be extracted to a folder where the application will fetch the file EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO elaborating, at the end of the two files will be stored in the folder extracted earlier.

    Following re-create the file E3boot.ISO or in the case of Cobra Ode performed a series of applications in order to bring the right file for the start of our games, finally burn the image onto a Blu-ray single layer.

    From magneto: Cobra team release of IRD parsing library

    Note that this release is only for application developers. ODE users will not find any use of these files.

    The Cobra Team has decided to release its IRD parsing library under a GPLv3 open source license. We hope that it helps other developers integrate IRD support into their application. On top of parsing v6, v7, v8 and v9 IRD file formats, a helper function was included that parses the ISO file structure to populate the list of all files in the ISO. It can be useful for listing iso files from an IRD and checking their MD5 hashes.

    The IRD library can be downloaded from here: libird.rar
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    Loop update to OFW 4.55 Error 8002F14E help?

    Please help, error unusable PS3 update 4.55 OFW. First apologizes for my English, It is not my language.

    I have a PS3 Slim 2501A - 160GB HDD - Cobra ODE 1.9 (4.20A motherboard), OFW 4.53

    I changed Cobra_ODE to PT mode and It has had this mode during all the tests I've done. I did not think the PT test mode before upgrading, but it worked some weeks ago, then I went to EMU mode until PT mode again for the update.

    I had installed OFW 4.53 and tried to pass OFW 4.55, first through WIFI, an error occurred, not pointed, and then I spent updating via USB. Everything seemed fine, but during the update process stopped at 58% presenting UPDATE ERROR MESSAGE 8002F14E.

    The machine got into a loop It could not leave, beginning the upgrade, as high as 58% and give the error again.

    From here I performed the following processes:

    A) I get out the HDD, I gave FAT32 format on the PC with "HDD Low Level Format Tool" and put in the ps3.

    A.1.) I turned on the PS3 NORMALLY, indicated I should format the disk and connect a storage device to update data 4.53 or later.

    I connected a USB with OFW 4.55, the process began, presented the message "Checking please wait" for the end, after about 20 minutes, end up giving the message "NO WERE FOUND DATA APPLICABLE UPDATE, connect a storage device contains update data version 4.53 or later, and press both START and SELECT. ".

    I have repeated this several times all with the same result.

    A.2.) I turned on the PS3 in RECOVERY mode and using the option 3.-RESTORE FILE SYSTEM-. I pointed message "connect a storage device to update data 4.53 or higher and press SELECT + START"

    I performed the operation with both the OFW 4.53 as the 4.55, pressing Select + Start, presents the message "Checking ... Please wait" at least for 20 minutes, and finally presents message "ERROR HAS OCCURRED . contact technical support for assistance (8002F281)"

    A.3.) I turned on the PS3 in RECOVERY mode and using option 6 -. SYSTEM UPDATE-I indicated message "connect a storage device to update data 4.53 or higher and press Select + Start"

    Exactly the same procedure and same result as indicated under "A.1." (“NO WERE FOUND DATA APPLICABLE UPDATE”)

    B.) I take out the HDD, format it to NTFS, and return to introduce in the ps3.

    B.1.) I turned on the PS3 NORMALLY, indicated I should format the disk and connect a storage device to update data 4.53 or later.
    Exactly the same procedure and same result as indicated under "A.1." (“NO WERE FOUND DATA APPLICABLE UPDATE”)

    B.2.) 'll be back once again to take out the HDD of the PS3, I connect it to PC and see that the PS3 HAS NOT GIVEN ANY FORMAT the HDD, the disc appears to me empty and NTFS format.
    Is this normal?

    B.3.) Use the "HDD Regenerator" program on the HDD brand and I do not have bad sectors, I understand that the HDD is fine.

    Do you find normal that the PS3 has not formatted the HDD?
    So what this message "not found applicable update data"?

    I do not know what else to do, please, can anyone help?
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    psptops3hd-1.jpg   PSP1-2.jpg   psp-3.jpg   psp35-4.jpg   IMG_1229 (Small)-5.jpg  

    IMG_1235 (Small)-6.jpg   IMG_1236 (Small)-7.jpg   IMG_1238 (Small)-8.jpg   IMG_1239 (Small)-9.jpg   IMG_1240 (Small)-10.jpg  

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    MultiMAN v04.55.01 is Now Released, Latest Showtime for MultiMAN Out

    Today PlayStation 3 developer deank released MultiMAN v04.55.01 which features a USB bus scanning fix for 4.53-4.55 CFW alongside the latest Showtime for MultiMAN with the changes outlined below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] (44.66 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (140.65 MB) / [Register or Login to view links] (41.18 MB)

    multiMAN 04.55.01 Changelog:
    • Fixed USB bus scanning and reset for CFW 4.53 and 4.55
    • Updated Showtime for mM to version 04.05.302
    • Fixed few other things

    All updates are also available online within mM and in the WEB column.

    Showtime v4.5.308 Changelog:

    4.5.308 (by Andreas Oman)

    skin/osk.view: Get rid of a trace() message
    view: Support backslash escaped characters
    Move deescape_cstyle() to misc/str.c
    misc/str: Use av_url_split() instead of a copy
    glw: Make sure sinewave() always output a different number than last time
    osk: Make captions on some buttons translatable
    Put on screen keyboards in a category of its own
    Add support for On screen keyboard plugins
    glw/deck: Add missing cases for GLW_SIGNAL_RESELECT_CHANGED
    Fix double free()
    glw: Optimize evaluation of dynamic statements
    glw: Do dynamic statement evals without signal handlers
    glw: Remove priorities from signal handling
    glw: Remove remaining signals that needed to return values from generic signal dispatcher
    glw: Move pointer events out of generic signal handling
    glw: Remove GLW_SIGNAL_EVENT from generic signal dispatch
    glw: Rework padding/border/margin attribute implementations
    glw: Increase math precision in sinewave()
    skin: If log is not visible, don't even load the views
    glw: Add scheduled forced redraw of UI for various glw view functions
    glw: Rename gr_schedule_refresh() -> glw_need_refresh()
    glw: Fix more issues related to missing screen refreshes when in conditional rendering mode
    ass: Leave some debug printf() in which is ifdef'ed out
    Fix some minor sub/ass parser issues
    Fix various bugs related to font loading and improve glyph caching
    text: Fix problem with right aligned text spanning multiple lines
    Fix broken JPEG file detection
    Remove the index.html parser that will parse HTML as directory scan: It was buggy and the use case is somewhat limited / doubtful
    subtitles: Add support for absolute positioning and fontsize changes in ass/ssa
    glw: Fix recent regression causing empty label/text not to be cleared correctly
    glw: Trig UI refresh when scrollbar moves …
    Rework image loader / decoding pipeline to be more flexible: Prepares for HW accelerated image manipulation
    Add some more keymappings:
    . Shift-F7: Seek backwards
    . Shift-F8: Play/Pause
    . Shift-F9: Seek forwards
    Add some ugly hacks for decoding RGBA lossy jpegs
    Add missing file: metadata.h
    xmp: Trig end-of-track after first loop
    metadata: Remove locking during I/O: This should make the metadata UI stuff feel a lot more snappy.
    metadata: Don't use metadata_source_t for temp storage during queries
    backend/image: Fix broken locking around image loader
    metadata: Split metadata.c into multiple files
    httpclient: Correctly deal with HEAD req. returning 404
    Set page in loading state during video demuxer init
    videodecoder: Make sure to clear "too slow decoder" if we switch decoder
    Fix audio settings page a bit
    Various fixes to some race conditions in image loader
    glw: Reinitialize frame queues when switching video engine
    glw/video: Improve AVDIFF trace message
    ps3: Parse extradata in annexb mode if it's formated that way
    ps3: Show notification to user if h264 level parameters is violated: In particular number of reference frames
    Fix focus bug on upgrade page
    Convert decoded video frames to YUV420 if video render driver can't display it
    Fix regression in opengl video renderer
    Add audio speaker tests (found in settings->audio)
    Set good defaults for cache and persistent path when running in STOS

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    Cobra ODE 2.1 Public Beta

    Today magneto has made available the Cobra ODE 2.1 Public Beta with changelog below, as follows:

    Download: v2.1_beta.rar

    We are releasing a public beta for the 2.1 firmware which is soon to be released. This beta is for v4.20, v4.30 and v5.10 boards only. Unfortunately, we are still finalizing the FPGA images for v3.x boards. You can download the beta from here: v2.1_beta.rar

    For v4 board users, make sure you flash both FPGA images correctly. For v5 board users, you MUST update to the 2.0 firmware before using this beta. If you did not update to 2.0 already, then the 2.0 firmware file is included in the beta archive.

    Here is the changelog:
    • FPGA1: Fix timing issues in AES core
    • FPGA3: Improve stability
    • Fix encryption issues causing 80010017 errors for v3, v4 and v5 boards
    • Fix bypass method for MPX001 motherboards
    • Fix crash when disc dumping finishes
    • Fix issue when BD-RE disc is detected in drive
    • Added support for bypass.delay option (default is 10000 in milliseconds)
    • Enable mcu.underclock by default
    • Set default manager type to browser
    • Enable eject.on_selection by default
    • Enable eject.add_menu by default

    Small changes are required, the browser, eject on selection, eject add menu and underclock are enabled by default, so in order to disable them you would need to use : mcu.underclock=0 or eject.add_menu=0 for example in cobra.cfg

    EBOOT/SELF/SPRX Resigner for ODE by Joonie86

    Hi everyone, this is Joonie. I would like to introduce this useful tool for ODE users.

    I've seen some EBOOT resigners for ODE that resolves the issue with 80010017 error due to the non-original eboot, but it seems that no resigners could resign self and sprx files for ODE users unless the files are renamed to EBOOT.BIN instead.

    Lots of games like Cod, God of War, FFX 10/10-2 HD, has tones of files including EBOOT.BIN, *.SELFs and *.SPRXs needed to be resigned for lower FW to work with.

    This tool can be useful for people who use lower FW version, but the game requires higher FW,
    I think this is very helpful for 4k users who use OFW 4.53 but willing to play future release game that requires 4.55+ FW.

    Some of games can't work without properly resigning all of those files if the game has been touched for CFW, or you're trying to convert PSN games to DISC type.

    Games like Lost in the rain [PSN] does not work without resigning sprx files [it has about 26 files to be resigned as NO-DRM]

    How to use:

    1. unpack the zip file
    2. choose the desired folder to resign each file
    3. put the file you want to resign, if it's EBOOT.BIN put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self file then inside the self.

    *it does not support multiple self / sprx files, so please do it one file at a time

    4. run the batch file [EBOOT Resigner] [SELF Resigner] [SPRX Resigner]
    5. it'll be automatically delete the original file and create new file that's resigned with 3.55's key in order for ODE to work.

    *This tool originally had Chinese translated gui interface, but I removed it, if that's needed I can add it upon request.

    Usage of EBOOT/SELF/SPRX Resigner for ODE

    1. Resolves the issue with the game due to the missing original EBOOT.BIN/*.SELF/*.SPRX [80010017 error fix]
    2. Modded EBOOT.BIN to enable some cheat codes.
    3. Homebrew/PSN pkg conversion to Disc type ISO file.
    4. Lowering PS3 System software requirement from 4.XX to 3.55 [It can be very useful for 4k users who wish to stay on 4.53 but willing to play future release games]

    *Regarding resigning npdrm psn pkg eboot/self/sprx. In order for those npdrm files to be resigned, first it has to be NO-DRM type, you can make those file "RAP" free by using True Anscestor Eboot Resigner 1.91. As long as it's NO-DRM EBOOT/SELF/SPRX, It should work with this resigner for ODE. Because this resigner does not support NPDRM files [requires RIF KEY]

    Non-supported feature:

    1. Batch resign for multiple files. This resigner can only resign one file at a time.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] (COBRA_ODE.zip)

    I originally found this from Chinese forum called Duowan. This tool is kinda similar to JjKkYu's older version of True Anscestor Eboot Resigner. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out who originally made this tool.

    All I did was adding "SPRX" resigner to support more files. Please remind me if anyone knows who built this tool originally, I'd like to give him many many thanks.

    Special Thanks

    naehrwert [scetool], Team Cobra, The person who originally built this tool.

    P.S. SDeath, Can you make batch script for this tool to support multiple self / sprx files? games like FFX HD has about over 1000 sprx files.. ;; I really enjoy your batch tool for ISO. Please consider this if that's possible.

    How to Install and Play PSP Remaster PKG on the Cobra ODE by Joonie86

    Hi this is Joonie, today I want to introduce this tutorial to show you how to play PSP games on PS3.

    About a year ago, this method was discovered by the well known developer zecoxao and since then all the scenes got hyped and as a result, lots of great tools were developed, but sadly, due to the its compatibility issue with games, lot of people have lost interested in doing this. I personally confirmed this PSP remaster work on OFW by data transfer from CFW to OFW.

    But at that time, I did not have ODE and Cobra ODE was still in developing stage, so probably because of that, people have forgotten about this PSP Remaster conversion. So today, I'd like to bring it back here so hopefully it helps some people who really want to play PSP games on PS3.

    First of all I would like to send my thanks to everyone that contributed to this forum as it has taught a lot on the topic and I doubt I could have done this without them!


    1. Sonicman ODE v1.01
    2. PSP to PS3 Conversion tool
    I use Aldostools' [Register or Login to view links] updated on 2013-05-09! Based on the awesome scripts created by szczuru, and the tools created by Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, doobz, sandungas among others devs. This "mod" tries to streamline the process of conversion of PKG/ISO/CSO/PBP to PSP package for PS3. Latest versions include a GUI and improved compatibility.

    3. Compatible PSP Game ISO files for PS3

    PSP to PS3 conversion's compatibility is not really good, probably as much as PSN Game to ISO, which means I'd say 50% of the chance you may get it to work. Before you begin, you could look at compatibility list:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    4. FAT32 Formatted USB Stick or HDD [Big enough to contain PSP PKG Games minimum 2GB
    5. Cobra ODE

    How to:

    Step 1: PSP iso to PS3's remaster PKG Conversion

    For this example i will use the following:

    GAME ISO: Parasite Eve: The 3rd birthday
    Disc ID: ULES-01513
    Unpacked size: 1.36GB
    Image Format: .ISO

    Drag the ISO file to the file Path and it will automatically process and fix ISO file properly for Conversion, In the middle of the process it will ask if you want to fix EBOOT, MINIS2,EDAT and such, Just click "YES" so it will continue.

    Soon you will see this screen below:

    Then click "MAKE PKG" and it will start process. As soon as you're done, you'll see the message saying "Process finished" and then find the where the result is by clicking black folder icon and open the results folder:

    Copy the pkg file to External USB FAT32 HDD or STICK, and plug it to PS3's front USB ports.

    Then launch the SonicMAN ODE. You DO NOT have to change your Cobra.cfg setting to make it as default setting, you can just put that manager.iso file inside PS3_GAMES folder on your NTFS HDD for ODE.

    Step 2:

    Launching SonicMAN ODE and Install the pkg.

    This multiMAN fork called SonicMAN ODE has pkg install feature, and it does not matter if the PKG file is repacked or not. It can unpack the PKG file without going thru PS3's signature check, and gets registered inside the system so you do not have to put your system on Recovery mode and data rebuild like old way, it's really easy to install pkg just click and go.

    *A little tip for DLC install. I know it's off topic, but it is very useful tip for people who want to install DLC pkgs as well other than PSP pkgs.

    With the same method, you can install DLC pkgs too, but since it unpacks everything from the package including PARAM.SFO, you may eventually face the issue with the particular game you want to play, so the best way to do is, if it is possible, after the installation of DLC pkg, manually install game update at the very last, so that way you can overwrite the PARAM.SFO over DLC's:

    Select the SonicMAN ODE from the browser and mount, then launch it!

    Open the File Manager:

    Click the dev_usb00X [the number depends on which port you use from [S3]

    Fine the package and double click:

    Click Ok to unpack the package.

    As soon as you're done exit to XMB. If the game doesn't appear right away, try to eject the disk and mount any PS3 games on ODE Browser.

    As soon as the game is mounted, it will refresh the system and PSP game will appear. Once it's appeared, you don't need to use SonicMAN ODE anymore, it's permanent like homebrew, you don't need bootdisc or SonicMAN to launch it.

    If you use Superslim PS3 and enabled 4.55 bypass, whenever you launch PSP game, your Clipboard's LED will blink as if it was doing bypass process, do not worry, you don't need to swap any disc, you can just leave the bootdisc.

    It will launch no matter what. Again, you will see lots of games will have issue, eventually freeze, or blackscreen, so please check the compatibility list first and then try, if you try many times and fail, you will feel so frustrated.

    Games that are confirmed by me:
    • Final Fantasy 0
    • Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core
    • Parasite Eve The 3rd birthday
    • CPGX

    *How to make your PSP games run in full screen:

    Go to the game setting from XMB.

    Video: Examples of three different bypassing behaviors on OFW 4.55 (Only 4k models)

    Since OFW 4.55, Sony made changes on PS3's Official Firmware to block ODE, but for some reason, only the 4K/4.2K models are affected and as a result, Team Cobra successfully managed to bypass the anti-ode check on OFW 4.55.

    Unfortunately, To be honest with you all, running back up games on 4K/4.2K models is not as easy as before, but, ODE still does its job and allows you to play back up games no matter what.

    Bypassing procedure is a little bit different depending on the game title, so in this video, it will show you how it is different.

    Basically there are three different behaviors.

    1. A game with no update [1.00 version] : Only requires one swap [Boot disc -> Swap disc]
    2. A game with update [1.0x version] : Requires two swaps [Boot disc -> Swap disc -> Boot disc]
    3. A game with update but does not check LIC.DAT [license data] [Boot disc ->Boot disc]

    In this video, there are three games that show each case of bypass procedue.

    1. Dynasty Warrior 8 Extreme Legend US release [1.00 version with no update]
    2. Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z JP release [1.01 version with game update patch]
    3. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of Patriots US release [2.00 version with game update patch but no LIC.DAT]

    Tested system setup:

    PS3 CECH-4001C
    Cobra ODE 4.30a
    MCU 2.1 Public Beta
    Bypass Enabled
    Cobra ODE Browser 1.6
    OFW 4.55
    WD Elements 1.5TB
    Bootdisc : BLUS30111 PES 2008 US
    Swapdisc : SONY BD-RE 25GB SL
    BD Disc's MID : RITEK-BW1-001

    Finally, from Joonie86 comes a Cobra Manager 1.6 [Stealth version] with details below:

    Download: [Register or Login to view links]

    This is as the same as Cobra Manager v1.6 that's on the official Cobra-ODE's Web site, but properly spoofed. I saw the ban report recently and decided to make proper spoofed version of Cobra Manager.

    I can not guarantee if this will prevent ban from PSN, but one thing I can tell is this won't be flagged as Cobra Manager, but Kung fu rider instead.

    I extracted PS3_DISC.SFB / LIC.DAT / PARAM.SFO from the original game. so it's almost as close as the original game.. but I didn't put the original ICON,PIC files because I don't think that's necessary.

    I haven't tried this with my system yet since it's more work for me because I have to re burn new SWAP disc.

    If someone wants to try this out please replace the manager with this one and report back.

    SDeath mention that whatever file that you put inside the COBRA folder as manager.iso, on XMB it would be shown as "Cobra Manager", but I believe it won't be flagged as "Cobra Manager" because I saw how Sonic-man-ODE was flagged as Sonicman ODE instead of PS MOVE Starter Edition unlike Multiman for ODE.

    Again, this is NOT Cobra ODE "Browser" but Manager which is useful for people who want to dump their own game discs.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    IMG_1193 (Small).jpg   Resigner.jpg   RESIGN.jpg   spoofed manager.jpg  
    Attached Files Attached Files

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