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    UPDATE: And now make a backup of CA24.cer and put it either in /dev_hdd0/game/PUSH00000/USRDIR/files or on a usb stick you pick.

    My latest app to simplify adding the certificate to flash. The file will be named CA24.cer.BAK.(Be sure to hang on to this)

    You MUST use AsbestOS, Freeflash or dev_blind BEFORE using this to make flash writable. I probably could have added make flash writable but its been done by the devs of these apps, no need to reinvent the wheel...

    Basically this will put the certificate on your ps3 for you so no messing with file managers. I don't know a whole lot about ssl but as far as i can tell all the certs that come with Charles are the same. This uses charles' certificate.

    You still have to use some form of dns and charles to get on PSN, sorry.

    Please READ the readme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    It makes you wonder if there will ever be a legitimate method of staying on PSN with CFW. Sony will always have something in mind to combat it.
    Only if Sony decide to let CFW users online. Anyone claiming to have come up with an unpatchable / undetectable way to gain access to sony's servers clearly doesn't understand the client - server relationship very well.

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    Well, isn't this all a cat and mice game again? And that will least for a while i guess.

    Its nice to see new apps and tools coming up nearly every day now, but to be honest, if you decide to go with a CFW to Usually play backups of games you shouldn't use PSN.

    Therefore you can go with Xlinkai to play online against your friends. It works for many games right now. And btw, you won't get banned anywhen.

    Greets Modmate

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    SHHOOSH... don't give them ideas... lol


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