Bulletstorm for PS3 Contains New Copy Protection?
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    Junior Member mrgreaper's Avatar
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    Exclamation Bulletstorm for PS3 Contains New Copy Protection?

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    We all know that Bulletstorm is not out yet on PS3, but many believe it has a new copyprotection due to a leaked version.. many believe it was a bad rip, none of that is relevent in this post though.

    If you don't have a blu-ray drive and your only form of playing legally brought games is to acquire them from the interweb then you may of seen some of the followning: selfrip, working, or a "fix" from fallen angel.

    but i encourage you to look inside the files as some evil people have decided to hit back and there is a file in both called formathdd.bat and ps3tools as well as a load of unrealtournament remote access tools.

    clearly at this stage only pirates would be affected but then my hard drive has holiday videos and pictures on it that i would hate to lose and i'm guessing others do too.. plus wiping someones HD is low.

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    Senior Member barrybarryk's Avatar
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    lmao this doesn't make sense..

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    Junior Member mrgreaper's Avatar
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    i'm not joking, i was shown the files. if code to format the hd can be added to a game with that much ease picture this, you install the latest mm from a trusted source... what you don't realise is that the source has been hacked or you have been duped into the link as well as installing the mm it also places the formathdd.bat and ps3tools.dll into a well known game folder that your likely to have backed up (or into many).

    i'm guessing it would only work with unreal engine games as there was a lot of unreal engine files that aparently shouldn't be there) you load up your legal back up and pow your hd is toast all your games have to be rebacked up all your saves gone all your dlc needs to be re grabbed.

    i don't know... i fail to see the funny side (no offense).

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    because I guarantee it doesn't format your hdd in your ps3 lol and all backups are illegal whether you own the game or not.

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    Why is this posted in the PS3 Hacks news section?

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    For it to be able to format your hard drive you would of had to have jailbroken, so i assumed this was the right place to put it.. feel free to move it if i got it wrong.

    if there is homebrew that can format your hard drive then i fully expect this would work and would wipe your drive personly i'm rather unwilling to try it lol. Also as i say it could effect none pirates too and is just so nasty that i felt i had to warn people. my mates attidude was to let them find out the hard way which to me seemed just evil.

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    yeah since its a bat file and a dll I think its safe to say its windows code but even then i'd doubt it'd format your hdd on your pc.

    you could always just open it in notepad or up it here and I'll tell you what it is.

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    that's exactly what i said when i saw it but theres programing code in the file not text and then i was shown the unreal files that had been added, my best guess is that the unreal code some how loads the homebrew formater kinda eploit triggering the code

    i hope im wrong and your right i really do.

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    I don't see how you could get a bat file to even run on the PS3. The absolute worst thing I can think of would be if some idiot tried to the script on his PC it might format his external HD. It can't format the system drive since the O/S would have open files.

    More to the point, don't download scene releases. Only make backups of your legitimate games.

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    as i say its only a bat file in name. and it could attack non pirates if its disguised as homebrew.

    its more a careful what you run kinda thing. It scared the bleep out of me that this was possible (though maybe you guys are right and it does nothing... who wants to find out though.

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