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    I wonder if it would be possible to make the firmware think it is a version higher than it is like making the number be like 9.99 or something so then the games see it and say it is high enough and play.

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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    Come on PS3NEWS members the big competition have started. We still need some coder and gfx designer.

    The spanish plz already have a debug FW on a retail machine. But if we hurry up a little bit we maybe can beat them with our ACID CFW.

    So contact me, join our Team and become a member of the worlds first CFW for the PS3.

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    Banned User
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    i wish you all the best for your project. i hope you will get something nice to work.

    (still hope that mid next year a full functional cfw gets released, that i dont have to power off my machine every time =/ )

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    With a little bit of luck and some more members in the team we maybe will be able to relese a install able CFW till Christmas

    But need more enthusiastic members

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    Great work guys, you are the best, wish i could do something for you.

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    i'm interested, haven't got much hacking abilities but i'm a webmaster and i could if you want setup a site on my private server and provide you guys with a storage place to give people direct link to your work.

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    I can help out if need be? I know some C, and I know LUA very well if that counts haha.

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    I'd be happy to help out in ways that I can. I've been monitoring this scene for a while now, and its good to see quite a few people putting heads together :-)

    Not a master at any skills needed but fairly handy at a few. Used to be a mod at a mobile vbulletin site a few years ago. Helped them with there database probs & modded a few .xmls on the way. Reading/playing with data packets, hex editing, Linux terminal

    Also noticed you said gfx. I can also make textures/logos or anything else in PhotoShop if needed (I'm creative with everything I do and designing is definitely one of them lol)

    Keep up the great attitude in this forum. Best members here out of all of the other sites I've found (not many "gimme gimmie" people)


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    i can do graphix, & skin the front end, no programing tho.

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    Lemme know if you need beta/alpha testing on a 3.41 40gb model (now 120gb) running backups.

    Edit: Also can do design work like enohand.

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