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Thread: BRD Rom Swap

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    Question BRD Rom Swap

    have anybody try to swap the blue ray unit of the ps3, trying to use one remotely or modding the brd unit in some way like the 360 hack?

    if the latest linux access the cell it is possible to understand the ps3 security blocks?

    why when i run a game or movie the ps3 pulls the video signal out and in before running the actual game?

    why is the ps3 so hard to hack and program?

    sorry my English...

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    I believe the answer to your question is that the ps3 is default for ps3 and blueray. As far as hacking goes, are you referring to being able to play illegally burned games? That shouldn't be number one concern anyhow. Hacks are designed mostly for homebrews...which are getting better without a hardware hack.