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    Contributor pnav's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by pnav View Post
    Well I don't have any trophies at all as my HDD is a new one, Yet I still get that error. I think it has to do with the updates... I checked my entire HDD for any RE 5 saves or installations before I reinstalled it.
    Actually, not even original disc works.

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    Registered User Sniuff's Avatar
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    I can't start any games with this backup manager.

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    Contributor pnav's Avatar
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    re: RE5

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    it appears that it wasn't installing the data when I used BM 2 or just the disc. I proceeded to Install BM [the one that requires a disc] again, went to BM menu, Loaded, took me back to XMB, selected disk, skipped 2.0 question [hit o for cancel] then said yes to install and now it's working. I had the no disc, direct boot BM 2 but I don't think it works with that.

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    i deleted my backup manager, and after a scond i just turn off the ps3 and using ftpserver found the gamez folder in del folder, is there a was to replace the folder back... the folder size still 64GB?

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    I think you're looking for WINSCP or Filezilla.
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    i try it with Fileszilla but it's there is no option to replace file in the PS3 HDD...

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    then don't replace, just move.

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    thanks it's working, at my no need to download them again

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    black screen with my xplain and play well with my other board. can someone upload a working xplain hex?

    thank you

    Kane & Lynch 2 qork
    dirt 2 no working
    Red Dead Redemption quits to XMB

    this is with my xplain but with my other board, all work... ti84 all games work... we need a new xplain hex, jaicrab loader v0.3 black screen with the xplain work with other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azz19 View Post
    hi. please can you make a Hermes hex for a AT90usb162 800mhz?
    page 5:

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