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    Quote Originally Posted by nunracer View Post
    I use tsMuxer_1.10.6 to convert a 720p.BluRay.x264 file to avchd and copy folders on UDB HDD

    But the problem is that when it pops on the screen the resolution goes down to 480p instead of the 720p.

    Although when I watch the file on my pc itīs still 1280x720p.BluRay.x264
    The actual PIXEL resolution of your video is probably 1280x544 or less and it is not 1280x720 - that's why you get 480p. Your video has to be at least 1280x584 to see it in 720p. You can use multiAVCHD or uncropMKV (my other tools) to reencode it to proper resolution.

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    OK i wana play m2ts movies with subs.

    I create:


    folders on my ex. HDD

    Started manager and AVCHD is yellow.Press x and yes... and he back me XMB!
    What now?
    Where to put movie with subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Take a look at the pictures in the first post. That is how file manager looks at my side:

    Looks like its just my TV then. I see now what I was thinking was wrapping was just overscan cutting off even more than I thought it was. Thanks for looking into it. And thanks again for the overscan option, it really makes all the difference for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparhawk110 View Post
    OK so i've done some tests on the overscan options. First I gotta say, amazing work. Its almost there. Ive got a few pictures to show you that should help. Sorry for the bad quality, but you can see it well enough to see what I mean.

    First though, take a look at the File Manager, with or without any overscan option there seems to be a wrapping problem of some kind.


    Here is what things looked like before any change, with overscan set to 0. Pictures are of the bottom left (HDD stats) and the upper right (cover and legend).



    Next is after a 4% overscan correction. Notice that the bottom is PERFECT, but the right side didnt really change much, not sure why.


    All the other views that have nothing important on the right side are just great. So even if you do nothing else im am very happy, I can just use those. Unfortunately the one with the legend and the cover that Im showing in the images is my favorite.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, hope this info helps.
    You can update to 01.09.03

    Overscan option is now applied to ALL display modes, except the file manager. Acceptable values are from 0 to 15 percent, but I suggest a maximum of 5-10.

    I'll update the first post in a minute and you can update via the manager, too.


    Please post back if it works for you now! :-)
    Last edited by deank; 11-06-2010 at 01:12 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorhead View Post
    What now?
    Where to put movie with subs.
    Once you're back at XMB, scroll over to Video tab, then select your USB storage, press X, and you will see your video mounted there...

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    You don't have to create ANYTHING. Use an authoring program like multiAVCHD or tsMuxeR to crerate AVCHD folder from your m2ts file + srt subtitles.

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    I meant besides all the movie and ps2 mumbo jumbo that your working on? Whats the next big step? We have the file manager, how about the homebrew side working, maybe a little more pizzaz or background options from within the manager. I'm just curious, i watch and wait and read everyday about AVCHD and Bluray and ps2 posts, but i'm runnning out of the good stuff for me lol.

    Love the manager!

    -Jared V

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    I can make it cook eggs if you wish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    I can make it cook eggs if you wish?
    I'll take that as long as you cook them scrambled! Thanks Dean for the latest file to convert from Blu-Ray to AVCHD format.


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