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    the favourites is great.. thanks Dean..

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    Jan 2011
    Many thanks for the update, it just keeps getting better and better.

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    MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager v01.17.04 with XMB Display Mode!

    You can update now to the official multiMAN PS3 backup manager version 01.17.04, with download links and the changelog below.

    multiMAN 01.17.03/04 Changelog:
    • Initial public release of XMB display mode
    • Favorites column in XMB mode
    • Playback of video files from VIDEO column in XMB mode
    • Playback of audio files from MUSIC column in XMB mode
    • Stability improvements

    multiMAN ver 1.17.04 BASE (20110501_222200).rar (19.36 MB) (lastGAME ps3SERV)
    For all FW versions!download|674...00_.rar|20297|

    multiMAN ver 1.17.04 FULL (20110501_222200).rar (108.45 MB) (2224 covers) (lastGAME ps3SERV)
    For all FW versions!download|804...0_.rar|113713|

    MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager v01.17.04 with XMB Display Mode!

    More PlayStation 3 News...
    Attached Images<br><br> Attached Images

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    Nice one Dean - thanks again - much appreciated.

    One more thing / suggestion - came to me yesterday when I saw your first screen shots of "XMB" theme / mode. What about introducing the Alises for the paths in some display modes? Either fixed or even better user defined via ini file.

    So instead of for example /dev_USB001/GAMES/ in front of each game we'd see only [U1] (for first USB drive) and for internal let's say [HD] or [IN] or whatsoever and so on. This would make some modes easier to read as the path is anyway most of the time the same anyway.

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    I use Multiman 1.17.04 to backup game. I failed to copy game to external hard drive. Idk why? Some games I can copy, some games I can not, it display have a fatal error. Can anyone help me plz??
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    Very nice update deank, and promoted the news to the main page now as well... +Rep!

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    that looks great dean, thanks as always.

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    i'm hoping that there will be a disc-less version soon, my bluray is shot or a way to play from my pc's blu ray drive without taking it out of my pc.

    good work by the way Dean, i just wished i could use it fully.
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    Hi Dean! I know you get 1000 requests a day, but need to ask you though:

    Can we get the ability of playing MKV-files from external NTFS-hdd?
    -Multiman can read NTFS-disks flawlessly
    -Showtime can play mkv-files from internal hdd flawlessly

    1) Pass pvd_usb0 to showtime
    2) Mount it to something like app_home so showtime can read it

    Would be soooo awesome

    Thank you so much


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    Thanks for the great updates Dean! As always, excited to see the excellent changes you make to your awesome proggie!

    Love the new XMB menu..A LOT!!.. One thing that would be a great improvement is the ability to hold down an arrow or thumb-stick and scroll continuously. Currently have you have to click down each time you want to scroll through the list. Know what I mean?

    THanks a Ton!