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    Contributor mecagondior's Avatar
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    Deanrr going to add video support. mkv, DivX HD, ect ..? That would be fantastic. It would become a beautiful Media Center.

    This is definitely the best application for PS3, can become a reference.

    Fantastic job men, keep it up!!!

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    Senior Member deank's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk188 View Post
    Hi Dean,

    With games, multiman will display a big picture of the game on the screen and a box cover on the top tight hand corner. How can I make it do the same for Movies ? At the moment it only display the box cover on the top right hand corner and the normal AVCHD.JPG pic as a large dispay...
    It is not implemented... but if you wish you can create a folder PS3_GAME inside your movie folder and put a file called PIC1.PNG (1920x1080) and it will show it.

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    Contributor forumzoeker's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    uncropMKV and multiAVCHD both can do it, too.

    Here is theme#8 by condorstrike, packed in installable PKG.

    UncropMKV is not working, video height not compliant. program crashes

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    You must have avisynth installed... + haali splitter...

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    i installed the two programs, UncropMKV not crash anymore but stil the message video height not compliant.

    Thanx for your help

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    Just queue the file and process it... that's the idea - the height is non-compliant and it will reencode it.

    Guys, here is a test version for those of you who wish to check it out:

    * All image processing/display is rewritten to speed up things
    * multiMAN will now use ~50MB RAM and not 127MB as before
    * Upon launch a nice background music will play (included in this test download - that's why the size is 8MB)

    * It is possible to include the boot sound/music when creating THEMES for multiMAN (the file is in MP3 format, saved as SOUND.BIN in /USRDIR/ folder)

    Let me know if you like it.

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    you are the "Man"... thank you, that's an awesome update, i'll get on it later today, after work, more to play with...

    thanks... screw work...

    just tried it, and wow Dean... it is so much smoother in any cover-mode, and the sound works flawlessly. more great features, good job, now back to work...
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    Nice... I'll probably pack the bg music with 'multiMAN original theme' in a separate download. That way updates will be still <900KB.

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    Ahhh ps3 media server stopped working.. ffs.

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    Dean, is there a way to make this startup music repeat only one time? I put the gamecube start up sound to act as a intro sound, but it repeats over and over... Thanks.

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