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    Question 1:1 PS3 Game BD-R Copy and the Drive Switch Mod

    While I was looking for a tutorial of the old swap method to boot ps2/psx backups I found this nice tutorial here:

    Aside from the fact that it might damage your drive I asked myself if anyone out there tried this method with an original ps3 game and an 1:1 BluRay backup, made by one of those expensive BluRay burners.

    Tried to get some infos on that by searching through this forum but I couldnt find anything similliar to my thoughts.

    Maybe someone out there can tell me more about this trick in relation to BluRay.

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    this does not work for ps3 games.

    ps1 and ps2 only.

    and yes it has been tried and failed, plus many many have posted your same thoughts..