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    Contributor enkrypt3d's Avatar
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    Need some assistance - trying to do this bypass with the PS3.ProxyServer.GUI and having some problems - I've been able to load demos and everything w/ this proxy and it works great - but what my goal is here is to make my PS3 think its 1.60 instead of 2.10. Is this possible with this application?

    What I've got so far is my ps3 pointing to my PC as a proxy and of course the PC running the proxy.

    This in the left box (3rd tab)
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    And this in the right box:

    But it still says 2.10 in the system settings... what am I doing wrong? I would love to be able to fool my PS3 into thinking that its 1.60 so I can load some full games! Thx in advance!!

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    Contributor VendeTTaa's Avatar
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    Using a proxy spoofs the SERVER into thinking you have a different firmware version than you actually do, not your ps3. There is no way to fool your ps3 into thinking it is a lower firmware, and even if that was possible, you wouldnt be able to install full games with the alternate proxy method as the system files on your ps3 would still be those of 2.10. The ONLY way you could get back to 1.60 is if you had previously dumped your ps3's firmware with the infectus mod chip.

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    Contributor RexVF5's Avatar
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    Alternative method

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    For all having problems setting up things I describe an elegant alternative in this thread: Hope it helps some people.

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    hi all, i tried setting up firmware bypass again after several months using simple dns plus and I can't seem to get it to work anymore! before i got it to work, the only difference now is that i changed internet provider and am trying to do it wirelessly. anyways right now my ps3:


    my address settings are as follow:
    -ip address auto
    -primary dns: ip of computer running simple dns
    -secondary dns: ip of computer running simple dns

    I can't seem to figure out why this is happening, I remember this happening before too (last time i tried configuring firmware bypass) but somehow i fixed it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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    Okay, so the PS3proxyserver method by CF3B5 still works for the 1.50 firmware? Been having one of my friends ps3 with the newest firmware for a wihile but now I'm back on my 1.50, so just wondering if this is correct?

    My links, left column:

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    right column:

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    hi, i read this etc. but when i get to the point to connect i get ip obtain succeed and internet connection failed also on simple dns there are no requests coming in, what could ths mean and how can i solve this? the other thing is, is this outdated and possably doesn't work because my firmware version is 2.10?

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