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    Just curious.. But cannot we run USBextreme or HDD Loader PS2 homebrew apps using swapmagic ? Sorry.. read this thread and didnt see any info.. though i did see someone mention that a coder is trying to get usb extreme to work ?

    Ya, Ifcaro did get usbadvance, named usbloader, to work on the ps3. since then the project has evolved and is now called ps2loader. Check out this thread:

    HDloader doesn´t work but the new versions of ps2loader will support network loading.

    Also, here´s the BOR.elf (all the .PAK mods for Beats of Rage Ps2 here:,0,0,0,11). just put it inside a folder with the .pak file named BOR.PAK. there´s no menu to select different paks so if you want to play different bor.paks, you have to make multiple folders with the bor.elf and a bor.pak inside each one. then use uLaunch.elf to load the elf.

    I didn´t really port ulaunch.elf. I don´t have the skills to port anything, lol I just switched the usb drivers with working ones for the ps3 and compiled the elf. As simple as that.
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