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    Post How to Install Minimal BD-J SDK for PS3

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    Ok guys there has been some people having trouble installing / using the BD-J SDK so I decided to write a tutorial on how to use it!
    • Step 1: Make sure you have installed the JDK 6 Update 7. It can be downloaded here: ([Register or Login to view links]) The one I use can be download here: ([Register or Login to view links]) It's the same thing, but it has Java 5 EE SDK. Just follow the on screen instructions on how to install this.

    • Step 2: After you have installed the JDK you need to download the Minimal BD-J SDK for PS3. After you have downloaded it you need to extract its contents to the root of your c drive. (IE C:\bdj-ps3\) In the bdj-ps3 folder there should be 4 folder in there with the folling names: common, docs, disk files, and examples.

    • Step 3: After all of step 2 is done you need to uptain a copy of bdj.jar. This can be found in versions of Nero, PowerDVD or other software of that nature that can handle Blu-ray Disks. You can also do a Google search for it. After you have gotten bdj.jar you need to place it in the common folder. (IE C:\bdj-ps3\common\bdj.jar)

    • Step 4: After all that is done you are ready to compile your first program! To make sure that you did everything correct you should copile the hello world program. The hello world program is found in C:\bdj-ps3\examples. Open the folder that says Hello world. In that folder there should be a file called build.bat. Right click on the bat file and select edit. Now it should open in notepad.

    On the last line of the file add the PAUSE. Now your file should look something like this:
    @echo off
    if exist 00000.jar echo Deleting old JAR && del /q 00000.jar
    if exist C:\bdj-ps3\common\sig\00000.jar del /q C:\bdj-ps3\common\sig\00000.jar
    echo Compiling && javac -source 1.3 -target 1.3 -cp C:\bdj-ps3\common\bdj.jar root\org\homebrew\*.java && echo Copying permissions file to work area && copy C:\bdj-ps3\common\bluray.MyXlet.perm root\org\homebrew && echo Building new JAR && jar cf 00000.jar -C root . && echo Moving JAR to signing area && echo y | copy 00000.jar C:\bdj-ps3\common\sig\00000.jar && echo Signing JAR && pushd C:\bdj-ps3\common\sig && sign 00000.jar && popd && echo Copying signed JAR back to work area && echo y | copy C:\bdj-ps3\common\sig\00000.jar . && echo Finished.
    After that is done save the file and run the bat file. If all goes well your file will compile. If you get an output like this:

    You're going to have to tell the bat where to find the java exe files. First you need to find out where your java exe are. One place they may be is here: C:\Sun\SDK\jdk\bin.

    If so right click on that bat file in the hello world folder again and choose edit. Right under the line that says @echo off add this text: path=c:\windows;c:\windows\system32\;c:\sun\sdk\jd k\bin.

    If it is not there go and look for it.

    Once you have found it add that text that I said to if it was in C:\Sun\SDK\jdk\bin but instead of having it say... system32;c:sun\sdk\.... replace everything after the semicolon ( ; ) with the path of the java exe in it. Save the bat file and run it now it should compile.
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    great guide, Thanks

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    Really why can't he put bdj.jar in there?

    To save people hours of searching ([Register or Login to view links]) there's the BDJ.jar.
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