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    I can't play with Jade's MK3 costume the game gets stuck during loading screen rest other costumes work fine. Can anyone help?

    Thanks already.

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    Arrow Freddy Krueger PS3 DLC for Mortal Kombat

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    Here is Freddy Krueger PS3 DLC for Mortal Kombat Pack 4:
    • Freddy Krueger
    • Sub-Zero Classic Mk3
    • Cyber Sub-Zero Classic Mk3

    BLUS30522 - [Register or Login to view links]
    BLES01132 - [Register or Login to view links]

    Password: Scorpion2k7

    All Pack folder - [Register or Login to view links]

    All hail the master MK Hacker Scorpion! All Credit goes to him!

    Mortal Kombat: Freddy Krueger Fatalities
    • Standard Fatality: close range ← → ↓ ↓ [1]
    • Secret Fatality: sweep range ↓ ↑ → ← [Block]
    • Stage Fatality : Varies in range → ↓ ↓ [3]
    • Babality: Jump ← → ↓ [1]

    Here is a FIX 3.41/3.55 for MK Komplete Edition 2012", not a Mod for old "MK 2011 by brunolee:

    MK Komplete Edition BLUS30902 Patch/Fix: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    MK Komplete Edition BLES01508 Patch/Fix: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition 2012 runing on my PS3 Rebug
    • Contains the cover of the game to put on multiMAN
    • In this patch I used the "official" EBOOT V01.05 of (MK9 2011)

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    1.04 update recently came out. This, however, requires the firmware to be 3.6 to run the game.

    Thanks for everything.

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    Lightbulb MK Komplete Edition FIX

    From what I read, it won't ask you to update to 3.6 if you delete the game data. If you go to the game data utility (under games in the PS3 XMB) you can delete it here to get rid of the 1.04 update.

    Then once done, the next time you play just decline the game update and start the game normally... worth a try anyway!

    Also below is a MK Komplete Edition fix by brunolee:

    I created 2 patches, "BLUS" and "BLES" if they have the MK9 and wish to continue with it, to not give conflict with another one.
    • For those who have the MK9 BLUS: Download the "MK Komplete Edition BLES"
    • For those who have the MK9 BLES: Download the "MK Komplete Edition BLUS"
    • For those who have no MK9 (or will use only the MK Komplete Edition): Download the "MK Komplete Edition BLUS"


    After the download, and extracted the rar... In the folder "PS3_GAME" are files that replace the game (overwriting the files as they wish, on your PC, FTP, mutiMAN (MMOs)) Then just install PKG "MK Komplete Edition PATCH (BL **)" (placing the PKG on root in a pen with "FAT32 File System" and install through the ★ Install package files in the XMB)

    MK Komplete Edition BLUS
    [Register or Login to view links]

    MK Komplete Edition BLES
    [Register or Login to view links]
    • Contains the cover of the game to put on multiMAN
    • The version BLES of the game does not give in Portuguese, this in Portugal, in Brazil I do not know (MK9 with the same version also did not)
    • I used the "EBOOTS's" changed by Scorpion2k7 used in the patches 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5).

    Note: This is a FIX 3.41/3.55 for Mortal_Kombat_Komplete_Edition_EUR_PS3-HR release.

    I put kodes for Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (BLUS and BLES) in "Code Unique 2.3" by Octo (oct0xor)

    Only one problem, you stay with 2 Quan Chi in the game (for this does not happen just delete the folder "QUAN_CYBER" on pkg, and complete story mode to unlock QuanChi and CyberSub-Zero normally)

    Unlock all costumes BLUS30902: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    Unlock all costumes BLES01508: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

    This does not unlock Skarlet and Freddy in Nekropolis. (complete story mode, or using the saves of old MK9 with it already done)

    Non Playable Characters Finally Playable in All MK9 Modes by Tetzrep (via psx-scene.com/forums/content/non-2541/)

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] (Password: tetzrep)

    Please note: For the NPC's to properly work, you must at least be on version 1.02 of the game (this is the version that PS3UserCheat has codes for)

    Unfortunately, the only way this is possible is to be on CFW 3.55 as we don't have a 1.02 patch that was ever coded for 3.41
    and, as mentioned, this is the version ps3usercheat requires.

    A Quick Guide..

    Install PS3UserCheat .pkg on your PS3
    Transfer the "st.dat" file to hdd0/game/CHET20000/USRDIR on your PS3.
    Load the game in MM or whichever manager you use
    Enable the cheats in PS3UserCheat
    Press Load
    This will probably kick you back to the XMB
    Start the game..

    WHEN TO PRESS BUTTONS (button combo)

    After difficulty select in Ladder or Test your Luck
    During the ladder screen (not before)
    After P2 select in Practice or Fatality Trainning.
    After BIOs select in netropilis


    After loadscreen has finished
    During Intros
    during rounds
    during fatality
    (ladder screen comes next)
    (if you still haven't pressed Select by now, its to late.)


    Must be enabled with NPC character cheats.
    Because none of the npc charcters have images to support the ladder screen with, the game crashes and freezes up.
    The NPC Fix cheat just defaults the P1 character to Scorpion, that gets it past the ladder screens. You then have the choice to re-enter the npc button combo or pick from any of them as you like.


    The timing of when to enter the button combo is a bit tricky at first.
    But the more familair you get with the load screens the easier it should get.
    It must be entered after the ladder screen apears, but before the load screen starts processing. There is loading screen before every
    match and its posible to change button combos before each time it shows.. pressing, holding or tapping the buttons all seemed to work fine.

    High-Definition Boss ICON Fix by Tetzrep (via psx-scene.com/forums/content/high-2650/)

    [Register or Login to view links]

    Only Install FIXBOSSCOPION2K7.pkg if you not yet Have the boss fix Install yet?

    [Register or Login to view links]

    Here is the Boss mod fix for MK9 update versions over 1.01. I put a readme in it for all versions too.

    [Register or Login to view links]

    From: SCOPION2K7 Providing all of Us the actual PKG Boss Fix to play as the Bosses,
    To: oubgrdevvbuyn Providing all of Us The 1st HD Boss Icon Fix,

    Now Thanks To: Tetzrep. He have brought Us all a New UP-TO-DATE ((High-Definition)) Boss ICON Fix
    Further Manually Info From Tetzrep
    All mk9 versions over 1.01 will have to apply the usual fix. here's the ps3toc to use for it. PS3TOC.TXT
    You can get the other files by unPKG'ing the download or by copying them from the install location here: (install the HDbossmod .pkg first) hdd0/game/bles01132/usrdir/dlc/bosses or hdd0/game/blus30522/usrdir/dlc/bosses
    To apply the fix, go to actual game backup directory and replace the original files off the disc. (backup all original files before you overwrite them!) PS3 - hdd/games/Mortal Kombat 9/ or PS3 - usb/games/Mortal Kombat 9/
    ....usrdir/ - PS3TOC.TXT
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_JPEGS_PS3.XXX
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_PS3_N.XXX
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_PS3.XXX
    If it still wont work, delete these files found in the ps3 cache. PS3 - hdd/game/blus30522/ or PS3 - usb/game/blus30522
    ....usrdir/ - PS3TOC.TXT & .time file
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_JPEGS_PS3.XXX & .time file
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_PS3_N.XXX & .time file
    ....usrdir/asset/ - UI_PS_VS_PS3.XXX & .time file
    I think theres a video tutorial on how to do it somewhere too, I havent seen it though. hope yous get it working. The image change makes me want to choose them more now!.
    The new HD bossmod .pkg should orverwrite the old one....

    Note: Do Not add the PS3TOC File in the asset folder. Add it to the USRDIR Folder.

    Update: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 9 (Komplete MOD Edtion + Challenge Tower Mods) Updated All In One character packs for Mortal Kombat 9 (via psx-scene.com/forums/content/tetzrep-2761/)

    KME part 1 - [Register or Login to view links] 180MB
    KME part 2 - [Register or Login to view links] 127MB
    NPC cheats - [Register or Login to view links]

    KME part 1 - [Register or Login to view links] 180MB
    KME part 2 - [Register or Login to view links] 127MB
    NPC cheats - [Register or Login to view links]

    KME part 1 - [Register or Login to view links] 180MB
    KME part 2 - [Register or Login to view links] 164MB
    NPC cheats - [Register or Login to view links]
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    KompleteModEdition.png   mk9_ironman_1.png   mk9_ironman_2.png   mk9_jetli_0.jpg   mk9_jetli_1.png   mk9_masterchief_1.png  

    mk9_masterchief_2.png   mk9_silversurfer_1.png   mk9_sonnybill_1.png   mk9_sonnybill_2.png  

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    nice material, thanks...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    mk9_tower057-hellzombie_1.png   mk9_tower227-halo_1.png   mk9_tower227-halo_2.png   mk9_tower227-halo_3.png   mk9_tower227-hero_1.png   mk9_tower227-hero_2.png  

    mk9_tower227-hero_3.png   mk9_tremor_2.png   Tremor_1.png  

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    Sep 2012
    Pretty cool! Now I can play with the Klassic! Thank you!

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    Oct 2012
    So you must have cfw to get the dlc's? cause I have the original disc with no cfw on my ps.

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    will give a try !!!

    Also from futuretime23: Stage Swapping Fatality

    This will basically allow you to swap stage fatalities on mk9.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)


    1. Get a bgnd, say for example, bgnd_hell.
    2. Decompress it, and then hex edit the mkscriptbinary, and swap hell_cine_fatality with pool.
    3. Now it will load the deadpool's stage fatality.
    4. Now, in order to get it to function, grab bgnd_deadpool and rename it (insertcharacternamehere)_charintro (maybe it works with victories, idk, haven't tested yet)
    5. It will skip the intro, but load the stage fatality.
    6. Now, go to the hell stage, and make sure the character with the modified charintro is on the fight, then, do a stage fatality, and voila!

    Thanks to LilGrim for the video and download link.

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    Oct 2013
    sorry if it is old. how can i do morph with shang tsung like shown in this video?

    i'm an on cfw 4.46 rex and i have bless mkke

    many thanks

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    Oct 2012
    thank you


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