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    Post Guide to installing Ubuntu 7.10 from PlayStation Official Magazine

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    Guide to installing Ubuntu 7.10 from Playstation Official Magazine

    You will need:
    An HDTV
    USB pen drive or memory card
    External memory (large enough for the back up step)
    USB keyboard
    USB mouse
    Internet access
    PC that can burn CDs or DVDs

    1) Download files
    Download [Register or Login to view links] and burn to disk this is the Ubuntu disc.
    Download OtherOS file HERE and save to a USB device of somekind in the following file structure: DRIVE:\ PS3 -> OTHEROS. This we will call the kboot loader.
    Leaving these aside turn to your PS3.

    2) Back Up Ps3
    This is VERY important. Setting up Linux on PS3 will wipe the HDD so you must make a backup unless you don't mind losing everything. You can use any storage media from USB HDD to memory sticks, provided the capacity is large enough.
    Go into Settings in the XMB -> System Settings -> Back Up Utility
    Select your storage device and continue.
    Some copyrighted files cannot be copied so be aware.
    Once you have installed Linux you can Restore everything using the Back Up Utility.

    3) Format HDD
    You will need to format your PS3s HDD to install another OS, this will erase everything on it!
    Go to Settings -> Format Utility and pick Custom now choose which allocation set up you need, most choose "Allot 10GB to the other OS". Finally hit quick format and wait for it to work its magic.

    4) Install Linux
    Insert the Ubuntu disc and kboot loader into your PS3.
    Choose settings -> System Settings -> Default System -> other OS.
    Confirm and soon you will see "Welcome to Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)!"
    Where it says kboot prompt type "install".
    The display will default to 480p resolution.
    Choose your desired language, timexone and keyboard layouts.
    At the Prepare Disc Space option select 'Guided - use entire disk'.
    Enter a user name and password and don't forget it, you will need this to log in once complete.
    Follows the prompts until the progress bar. Installation can take upto 40 mins, the machine will then restart. When the kboot prompt appears hit [ENTER] to start Linux.

    5) Change the resolution
    So you have Linux up and running but who really wants that fat 480p resolution?
    To set Linux to HD res. click Applications in the top left of the screen
    Select accessories
    then Terminal to open a text window.
    To set a 720p resolution type "sudo/etc/init.d/gdm stop" the screen will go black.
    At the next prompt type ""ps3videomode -v3".
    To test the resolution return to the Terminal and type "sudo nano/etc/event.d/ps3videomode" which opens another text screen.
    Now type "start on runlevel 2" hit [ENTER] and type "exec/usr/bin/ps3videomode -v3"
    Then press [CTRL] + 'o' to save changes.
    Press [CTRL] +'x' to close before restarting the PS3 in the new resolution

    6) Finished
    With everything installed and the resloution set you're ready to go. When you start your PS3 you'll see the kboot prompt.
    Hit [ENTER] to start Linux.
    There are a basic set of utilities to play with including text editors, email applications and internet browsers, although Flash isn't supported yet, so no online videos yet.
    To find out more about open-source applications for Linux go to help.ubuntu.com.
    To switch back to the PS3 OS at the kboot prompt type"boot-game-os". To go from the XMB to Linux go to Settings -> System Settings -> Default OS -> and pick the other OS.

    Note: The PS3 will default on startup to the last used OS.
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    nice guide but I find 7.10 + gnome is a little heavy on the PS3 (specially when it only has 256mb ram) I recommend XFCE (Xubuntu) or install blackbox windows manager, much lighter on the system.

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    First, Thanks for the Tut! I have used ubuntu before so i can see the benefits of using this.

    I was going to install YDL, so now im a little unsure of what to do. I will have to read up on what the future holds for YDL I think, it would be ok if the wireless function worked.

    I take it that the wireless adapter still doesnt work in ubuntu either?

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1m15 View Post
    I take it that the wireless adapter still doesnt work in ubuntu either?
    Wireless works with Ubuntu, but no WPA encryption yet as far as I know.

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    can I also use this tutorial to install ubuntu 8.04?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihmi View Post
    can I also use this tutorial to install ubuntu 8.04?
    The [Register or Login to view links] has an ISO for PS3. But the [Register or Login to view links] only has a build for IBM PPC and Mac.

    BTW the page for 7.10 says that the ISO linked in the tutorial above "has some bugs". They suggest to use the following custom image:

    [Register or Login to view links]

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    Gonna try installing Ubuntu on my PS3 some day, have it on my laptop and lovin' it! But it's a shame that it dosen't use the full potencial of RSX and Cell BE.

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    If you want to install hardy (8.04). You will need to install gusty (7.10) first, then update your kernel to at least 2.6.24. Then you can just use the update manager to update to hardy. I was able to successfully update to 8.04 and not experiencing any major issues. I was even able to get WPA working.

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    hey, i installed 7.04 a while back, so the backup i made is months and months old, but i've run out of HDD space. Is there a way to remove the partition without having to reformat the whole drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxmods View Post
    hey, i installed 7.04 a while back, so the backup i made is months and months old, but i've run out of HDD space. Is there a way to remove the partition without having to reformat the whole drive?
    Your best option really is to back-up your ps3 data to a removable storage then format the drive and restore your data.

    I've done this a few times already and it is the least involved way to remove the linux partition.

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