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    Guide: How to Use iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad as a PS3 Remote

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    Recently SouthSickness has made available a guide on how to use the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad as a PS3 Remote Control.

    Below are the details, to quote:

    Things You Will Need:

    1. iPod Touch/iPhone that has been jailbroken.
    2. Cydia
    3. Bluetooth on the iPod and PS3
    4. PS3


    1. Go to iPod/iPhone and click on Cydia.
    2. Click on Manage in Cydia's options.
    3. Click on sources.
    4. Then click on edit and add the following source. [Register or Login to view links]
    5. After you are done adding go to search and type in WeBe.Theres gonna be two one you pay for and a free cracked one.
    6. Click on the cracked one download and install it.
    7. Start of WeBe++ and wait for it to load.
    8. Go to PS3 and click register a new device you should see your iPod/iPhone.
    9. Add it and enter the pin code it gives you on your iPod/iPhone.
    10. Your PS3 should appear as "Paired and available devices."
    11. Click on it and then click where it says PS3 under or shows the keyboard symbol.

    Confirmed Working On:
    • iPhone 4G
    • iPod Touch 3G
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 2G
    • iPod Touch 2G
    • iPod Touch 4G
    • iPad

    Guide: How to Use iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad as a PS3 Remote

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    I've been waiting for an app for my android phone so I could use it as a remote (emulating the BD remote, not for games). Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come!

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    Android already did that.

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    Sad, I have an iPad 2.

    No Jailbreak.

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    Don't work at iOS 5.0 beta - iPhone 3GS.

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    YeYe Finally made it on PS3 News

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    Ha! Nice guide indeed SouthSickness and +Rep!

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    Not work WeBe on my touch 2G.

    Start -> Exit
    Start -> Exit

    4.2.1 + redsnow + App Sync 4plus


    I'm little speak English, sorry.

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    Wow Excellent... works even on my Hackintosh.. asus 1201n with SNOW L 10.6.7


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