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Update #2: Over the weekend, our colleagues at [Register or Login to view links] attended the Hong Kong Electronics Fair that took place at the Convention Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong and were shown another PSP-To-TV Device (concept illustrated to your right). To quote: "A Taiwanese company at the Hong Kong Electronics show pulled Lik-Sang behind their closed curtain and showed off their new TV Adapter project, which doesn't require opening the PSP system at all and therefore will be easier to use and not void the warranty. The same manufacturer already developed the famous [Register or Login to view links] a couple of years ago, a TV Adapter for the GBA.

This new peripheral takes a completely different approach and clips on top of your PSP screen, with two screws to fit at the back of the handheld (in these two holes you can see on the top of the UMD drive). Some sort of pyramid grows from the base, with a precision lens and mirror system at the top, capturing the image and light, in a similar way a scanner or camera would. It then converts it into a video signal that is sent through video leads going from the adapter to your TV set. While that sounds complicated, we were quite impressed with the result. There was only a preliminary prototype that could be demonstrated to Lik-Sang in a private room, and we were required not to take any picture. After flashing the image of what we saw in our limited brain memory, we spent a bit of time playing around with Photoshop in order to render the concept for you." Feel free to share your thoughts on this news in our Forum's on-going PSP TV Out Device thread.

Update: We have now received some actual product pictures of the cool upcoming PSP2TV product! Below are the thumbnails, simply click on them to enlarge the pictures and feel free to discuss it in our on-going PSP Forum thread!



Tonight we received word from our affiliate [Register or Login to view links] of a cool PSP accessory in the works along with some mould renditions of the product. This device will allow you to play your PSP games directly on a TV- complete with the ability to use a standard PS2 controller! It also includes features such as turbo auto-fire, and best of all NO soldering is required so all PSP gamers can enjoy it. More to come on this revolutionary new product soon, and those interested can check out some close-up pics of it as follows: Front View, Side View, and Back View. As always, feel free to further discuss the news in our PSP Chat Forum!