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We received word today from the [Register or Login to view links] of both an available [Register or Login to view links] upgrade as well as reduced Ripper 3 GC Mod-Chip pricing for their official distributers and wholesalers. To quote on this cool news from the [Register or Login to view links] page:
To celebrate the fantastic success of our Mod-chips and in order to make modders offer a cheap GC-modding solution, we now lowered the official distributor and wholesale prices of our Ripper///GC Mod-chips. Distributors and wholesalers please get in touch with us to receive the latest pricing of the Ripper///GC Chips.

We also released a new upgrade for Ripper3.2u today which you can get from our [Register or Login to view links] section. This upgrades the chip to version 3.3, and resolves a small bug in v4 consoles not playing a few cd-r games. This small bug is non-existant in the old Ripper3.1 and Ripper3.2 Chips. Furthermore, we prepared the code for the next big update!