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    Exclamation Codemasters enter the PSP scene!

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    Update: In related PSP news today, Winning Eleven 9 Ubiquitous Evolution (JAP) is the first game to require the v2.00 firmware it appears. The good news? There is already a PPF-O-MATiC PPF Patch courtesy of the MUPS to allow the DMU release of it to work using the PSP Device Hook Launcher v0.21! Finally, those interested to learn exactly what was patched can check out the PPF Patch using our PPF Analyzer v1.00

    It appears the [Register or Login to view links], infamous for their early PC platform Operation Flashpoint anti-piracy FADE protection scheme, have now entered the PSP scene. A few years back they put the FADE protection to use on PS2 titles including LMA Manager 2003, however, now they have implemented a new type of protection on Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus (EUR) for PSP and it's rumored more titles will be using this soon!

    According to the world-famous MUPS release group, this new PSP protection can simply be circumvented using a 2GB Memory Stick versus doing split/individual file dumps, and it's also important to NOTE that the UMD Dumper Alpha v0.001 leaves the last 2,048 bytes of data off of dumps created with it. However, for most PSP titles this isn't an issue as the latter bytes are composed only of 00's, but in some cases (such as MVP Baseball USA) the game will still work despite missing actual GAME DATA rendering the dump incomplete. To quote from the MUPS:

    Seems Codemasters added some kind of protection to avoid ppl rip this game and thats what allows split rips not working, even rebuilding the entire data into a new image dosen't works and before you say its vcdromx's fault i will tell u i done a comple iso with all data using UMD Image Generator Version 1.0.2 with both layer_0 and layer_1 combined and i get black screen, this seems the first of most incoming releases, so what u guys should do in the future? don't dump games bigger than ur memory stick cause prolly your releasing a bad dump, if u can't do an entire dump better dont do it and wait some1 to do it.
    The advice above is valid indeed... there are unfortunately far too many inexperienced individuals dumping/releasing anything they can get their hands on without fully analyzing and testing thoroughly first. For those interested, we're told the official $ony UMD Image Generator Version 1.0.2 utility mentioned above won't likely surface publically anytime soon, unless the watermarks are detected and removed from it. On the bright side, we're also aware of a legal freeware alternative to it in the works... more to come on that later this week so stay tuned!
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