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    tray and laser problem

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    i baught a v7 ps2 of my mate hopin i could fix it. When i recived it there were no ribon cables plugged in so i pluged all of them in (the one between the laser and motherbourd is very loose i had to tape it in) after this i pluged power in and turned on at back at this point the restart light goes red like it should but the eject one dosnt light. if i press the restart button it goes green like it should, the fan runs and the tv flickers then goes black again but the laser dosnt make any noise or move at all. If i press the eject button which isnt lighted up it dose the exact same.

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    the ps11 fuse isnt blown is there still any hance of it being the ba chip if the fuse hasnt blown. also if the ba chip is faulty can i just remove it to see if video comes on the screen which it dosnt at the moment

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    Did you put the laser ribbon in the right way and not flipped around,there are two browm latches on the bottom side of the laser that have to be released so that the ribbon cable can be seated in there and then the clamps can be closed to hold the ribbon cable securely.

    Make sure that the reset/eject ribbon isn`t damaged like kinks or nicks in it as the is a fragile ribbon cable and make sure it isn`t flipped over and plugged in wrong,and check all other connections closely to make sure it is all plug in properly before looking at other causes just in case it is only a plug or ribbon cable.

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    i do not see any clamps on the laser for the cable. This is wat it looks like are the little black things which the arrows point to wat you are on about because i dont see anything else.

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    this is the fully zoomed out picture
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    also dose it matter which end of the cable connects to the motherboard and which to the laser?

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    below it a picture of my BA5815FM all the red arrows point to things which ground.
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    It seems ok pin 8 doesnt ground and 19 dose which is right i think. Could it still be the BA5815FM or can anyone suggest something else?

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    It looks like the brown clamps are missing as shown it the pic below which is a 400B laser but it has the same clamps as your`s should have but are missing. Also below is a pic of a LA chip which is also the BA chip in older ps2 versions under v9 as you can see that #8 pin is beside the wide center strip of the chip,the BA chip will be the same and if pin 8 reads 0 ohms then the BA chip is no good.

    For the laser ribbon cable you will have to just try it and see if the pic i provided helps as i can`t find the other pic at this time.Hope info helps.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Laser ribbon removal.bmp   V9_LA_protect12.bmp  

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    from what i understand i dont think the laser ribon can be the problem. because should still be able to boot to browser without the dvd drive there. But if i get this first problem fixed then i will buy a replacement lens cable from divineo.cn. Even though i cannot find anything wrong with the ba chip im going to take it out and see if the ps2 bootes to the browser if it dose il just buy a new one if it dusnt i will probly give up and sell the thing on ebay.

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    The laser ribbon cable is most likely good,just meant to make sure it was put in correctly only..hehe.

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    thanks for trying to help anyway.

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    the ba chip was removed, but still didnt boot to browser so i can not think of anything left that is obvious apart from some track ore wire missing.


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