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    Burning an ELF to CD for HDD

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    Ok I've looked all over, and searched my butt off and cant figure this out... I feel pretty stupid by now, please help.

    I've got a v4gap with a dms4pro installed and happily booting toxicOS.3 with a 40gig drive. My first problem is the laser is only reading cdrs... it had no problem with running the toxisbios cd, and no problem with the toxicos cd either, but it wont touch any of my games (original or backup). I don't care about the laser really, as I figure I can just transfer games onto the 40gig across the network instead and never bother with the crappy dvddrive.

    My real issue here is that toxic os doesnt support ftp server until next release (unless I misunderstood that) and I can't get the ps2 to read an elf off a cdr. I know its the way I'm burning the files since it ran the toxic cds fine (they came with bin/cues pre-made). I've tried burning hdld_svr.elf and execftp and gone thru a pile of coasters trying. I've been using cdgenps2 to create bin/cues, and I've tried adding edited system.cnf and dummy files, I've tried changing the cnf's lba, I've tried my way thru a dozen discs and I'm ready to put it out of its misery with an axe.

    PLEASE someone help me get any ELF into my ps2 that will allow me to transfer my games onto the HDD. Thanks...

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    Well I don't want to put the drive in my pc, especially if the network transfer is possible. I have a ftp running and a irc bot, so I try not to have any pc downtime.

    I sorta thought I installed a chip so I didn't need to use exploits... but maybe I'll look into it if I can boot the hdld_svr.elf from the memory card instead of the cd.

    There has to be a way to burn it right though, the toxic bin/cues work great I just dont know how to make the bin/cue with the right settings....

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    I'm not even sure if HDL Dump Server can run from a disc. It's pretty specific about where its network configuration file is (mc0:/SYS-CONF/IPCONFIG.DAT). I haven't tried it myself, but I know I've had issues getting other apps (such as KeyLauncher) to run from a disc. ExecFTPs should run from a disc fine, thouh.

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    Ok thanks for the help guys... you at least pointed me in a direction where I found some answers. (burning instructions for an exploit loader)

    To get the discs to work when I put the files into cdgenps2 I put the system.cnf at the top of the list and changed the lba to 12231. After doing that I burned cds for execftp and hdl dump server and they both launch fine from the toxicos menu now.

    I havnt figured out how to transfer either ftpserver to mc or hdd and launch it from there, but since its booting the hdl dump server off the cd I can load my games to the drive now.

    thanks, looking forward to playing a game off the hdd finally (in an hour)

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