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Update: PSP UMD Emulator v0.8C is now available, and changes include moving from the UMDEMULATOR/ISO/ game storage directory back to simply ISO/, the corrupted icon can now be hidden with the START button working, Regioncode override, and BOOT.BIN support among others deatiled in the ReadMe file. Finally, if you have the previous version 0.8 installed, please remove the config.dat from the UMDEMULATOR/ directory before starting up with the latest version.

The famous Humma Kavula, creator of the PSP Fastloader, has released PSP UMD Emulator v0.8 today for PSP v1.50 firmware users!

Unlike it's predecessor Fastloader, this utility works a bit different to actually emulate and load a PSP iSO image.

To quote from the ReadMe file: "Following in the footsteps of the Fastloader, here is another fine homebrew app for your pleasure. This time we present you a full featured UMD emulator, reboot & exitgame tight - you have to turn off your PSP completely (or crash it ) to get it back to original state. This is a semi-final version, some things are known not to work properly for now (see below)."

Brief usage instructions are here for those interested:

1) Once PSP UMD Emulator v0.8 is installed per the included instructions with your .iSO file in the \UMDEMULATOR\ISO directory of your MS, then launch it as you would any PSP homebrew application.

2) Select the PSP .iSO that you'd like to play from the list and then press X (with any UMD in the drive, if you have none in then add one after pressing X). The utility will then bring you back to the PSP's main Memory Stick menu sceen.

3) Finally, move your cursor from "Memory Stick" up past "Game" until you reach the "UMD" selection and presto- your .iSO image is now emulated as an 'original' PSP UMD disc and is fully playable by pressing X to launch it!
  • play your favorite LEGIT back-up iSOs from the main menu of your PSP
  • full UMD emulation via selected ISO, either for game, video and audio
  • possibility to bypass updater check within the menu
  • possibility to remove/redirect updater icon
  • possibility to set any regioncode, even for games
  • CPU speed setup (currently for iSOs only)
  • sleepmode works within games now! See "ToDo" for more
  • possibility to redirect flash0: (kernel data) and flash1: (user config)
    to memory stick
  • USB is automatically activated within the emulator config
  • configuration will be automatically saved and reloaded on app restart
  • reload the iSO list by pressing SELECT button
  • restart emulator config by pressing START button
  • maybe some more which i just forgot to mention