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View Poll Results: Whats your Screen Res?

153. You may not vote on this poll
  • 800x600 or less

    8 5.23%
  • 1024x768

    72 47.06%
  • Greater than 1024x768, but less than 1280x1024

    11 7.19%
  • 1280x1024

    40 26.14%
  • Greater than 1280x1024

    22 14.38%

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  1. #1
    Toucan Sam CJPC's Avatar
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    What screen resolution do you use?

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    Im just trying to figure out which screen res you guys use, to make a (hopefully) better looking PS3News.com!

  2. #2
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    best rez my laptop supports...

  3. #3
    I need to vote twice. My desktops typically use 1024x768 (which I voted for) but the laptop uses 1280 x 800.

  4. #4
    Heh, every PC in my house uses a different rez.

    LCD: 1280x800@75hz
    Lappy: 1440x900@60hz (I think... its widescreen anyway)
    Gaming PC CRT: 1024x768@100hz (can handle 1600x1200@60hz)
    Internet PC: 800x600@100hz

    At this point, I can't really tell a difference (besides smaller HUDs) above 1024x768 for gaming...

  5. #5
    I`m using 800x600 and it looks pretty good that way!

  6. #6
    arg I guess 1024x768 wins here, I was hoping 1280x1024...well anyways I'm cool with any resolution.

  7. #7
    1024x768 is my res, much nicer then 800x600 but for desktop I see no reason to go above that res. My games however are run at 1600x1200

  8. #8
    i use 1024X768 as well, which apparently is by far the most common resolution

  9. #9
    1920 by 1200 on my 24" crt, i thought i`d treat myself to a decent monitor as i look at it all night..

  10. #10
    1280x1024 on my 17" crt, my laptop i use 1024x768...well i forgot what apples is, i use widescreen on it.

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