Howto: Duo -> Standard adapter (+ pics & vid)
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    Post Howto: Duo -> Standard adapter (+ pics & vid)

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    Hi all,

    I know this has been discussed previously and their is another tutorial, but not many people have actually see the process and/or a working demo (vid link at bottom) - so here it is...
    (Probably best to combine the info here with the tutorial already available on PS3News)

    How to use a standard (up to 4gb) MemoryStick (you know the big ones) in your PSP:-

    1. Obtain a "[Register or Login to view links]" price is now £18.95/$28.95US - the links are to the UK site.

    2. Remove the MemoryStick Module from the P800 battery cover.
    - There are 4 "posts" that are "welded" to the PCB - just scratch these off carefully (1 in each corner).
    - The Module is also glued onto the plastic cover, so carefully remove the module (I found a pair of scissors pushed in carefully between the module and the cover worked a treat - this is ok, because you will only scratch the metal surround of the module and not the circuits - do be a bit careful though. Always make sure an adult is nearby when using scissors!!!)

    3. Cut the PCB down to size - i found that you can cut it down to just bigger than the main module surround without getting too close to the circuits. (Unfortunatly in my excitement i forgot to take pics of this bit!)

    Then mount the 'streamlined' module into a suitable container. (I found that a modified MS plastic case worked a treat - cut the hinge and manipulate a bit and it looks reasonable)

    Connect the ribbon cable - remember to allow space to open/close the ribbon cable connector. Then tape the ribbon cable down (dont want to accidentally yank it now do we).

    Make it look pretty! (I wrapped mine up in black insulating tape to make it blend in a bit better with my PSP!)

    4. Make sure the MS will click in and out ok (becareful not to cover the loading mechanism!

    5. Connect it to your PSP (carefully) and test that it works!

    Hope someone finds this useful,

    Edit: I must have forgotten to attach the pics (D'OH!)
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Step1 - Get p800 ARM Kit.jpg   Step2 - Remove MemoryStick Module.jpg   Step3 - mount module in a suitable container.jpg   Step4 - Check mechanism.jpg   Step5 - Test it.jpg  

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    very cool! thanks for the comprehensive guide, i think i might do that as well.

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    Senior Member PSPSwampy's Avatar
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    No worries - sorry the video isn't fantastic quality (cheap digital cam!) or particularly steady (was trying to insert the card with one hand! - not the easiest of things to do!)

    Just trying to find a reasonably priced 4gb stick now! (LOL)


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    How much would you take to make one for other people?

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    LOL - it's not THAT good!

    Tell you what i will do though....
    1. l'll look into finding a better surround/container (custom made container?)

    2. I'll look into obtaining the module seperately (thus reducing the cost - who wants a useless p800 battery cover anyway! LOL)

    3. I'll look into a more robust cable than the ribbon cable that comes on this thing.

    4. And i'll see if i can put all of the above together in to a much more useful (and nicer looking) adapter.

    THEN, maybe, i'll start selling them! lol


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    Hi - me again,

    Anyone know where i can get hold of sony compliant memorystick modules (NOT sticks - the bit you plug them into!) really cheap. Just the modules - i can sort out PCB and the electronics side of things, but need the modules to begin with. (Don't really want to spend £18.95 +p/p for each one!)


    What is the interest in this ? - are there many people who would want to buy one?
    How much would you pay?
    (I am now seriously considering making and selling these - if it's worth my time!)

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    How big are the chips you can use with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkCali
    How big are the chips you can use with them?
    I assume by 'chips' you mean memory sticks - in which case, this is for using a STANDARD sized memorystick with the PSP.

    i.e. a Standard sized MemoryStick (50mm long, 21mm wide and 2.5mm deep) to MemoryStick DUO (31mm long, 20mm wide and 1mm deep) adapter.

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    ok, so gotta ask - where can you buy this for £15 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkCali
    How big are the chips you can use with them?
    If you're asking about capacity… non-Duo Memory Stick PRO units are up to a 4 GB capacity.

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